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Joolz at Kind & Jugend 2016

Joolz had some treats on show at Kind & Jugend in Cologne last week.

First of all the Joolz Day has had a big update with 20 new and improved Positive Design features. The Day² has a new chassis, with a more accessible basket. The harness has a magnetic buckle which sounds very cool. There are toy hanging loops; a one handed adjustable footrest; and a carrycot with zip off fabric which reveals mesh, so that your baby can have a view too.
We LOVE the new look!

A new special limited edition Joolz Discovery was also on display. The lower half of the chassis is black, whilst the upper half is silver. There is an air tyre option if desired. The Joolz Discovery will be for both the Geo and the Day² and will come in Forest Green or Mountain Grey. There is a choice of handlebar and bumper bar option. These include tartan (see image above), yellow, red or black. This will be exclusively sold through independent retailers who could only order at Cologne. So once they are gone, they are gone!

Joolz have formed a partnership with BeSafe to have their own special Joolz version of the iZi Go Modular. This infant carrier is i-Size and will come in three colours to match the Day² or the Geo pushchair: Black, Elephant Grey or Parrot Blue.

Joolz also have a beautiful new spacious changing bag. It can be used as both a shoulder bag, or as a rucksack. It attaches neatly onto the side of the pushchair chassis’ and includes a leatherette cup holder. We love how smart this bag looks.

Finally, Joolz are also making a new Traveller bag which is designed to fit their pushchairs perfectly, for transportation or storage.

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