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EXCLUSIVE Introducing the Mee-Go Du-o

Best Buggy are absolutely thrilled to be able to share these EXCLUSIVE images of the brand new Mee-Go Du-o which is due to be shown for the first time today at Kind & Jugend in Cologne!!

The Mee-Go Du-o is stylish looking single to tandem pushchair for one child or for two children; both for siblings and for twins. There are carrycots, seat units and the option to add infant carriers onto the Du-o chassis.

When the Du-o was first wheeled into the Mee-Go office, everyone stopped work and looked! This is a great looking pushchair.
The sleek brushed metal chassis runs from the tan leatherette stitched handlebar right down to the front footrest which has smart metal detailing.
The pushchair seat unit has a brushed metal frame with a a metal rim around the hood. Both seat units are identical whether in mono or in duo mode.
The seat units are large with an adjustable leg rest. The seats recline using a button on the rear of the seats into several positions.

In mono mode, the Du-o seats can parent or forward face. When parent facing the seat is quite high to facilitate good interaction and communication with your child.
In duo mode, there are various possible configurations. We have yet to discover exactly what these are, but we know there will be the option of 2 seat units; 2 carrycots or 2 car seats, and combinations of these. We had a play with the seat units in the photos above, however, this was a prototype sample and we can not confirm the safety approved configurations at this stage.

What is particularly clever about the Mee-Go Du-o are the tandem adaptors because once fitted, there is no requirement to remove them to fold. They are very simple too. There are lower adaptors, and upper adaptors. The lower adaptors simply snap onto the chassis near the front wheels, but importantly just behind the wheels. This in theory ensures that the weight distribution is right for getting up kerbs. The upper adaptors are extra clever. These fit into a socket in the middle of the frame but can simply be flipped over to fit the seat so that it faces in the opposite direction.

The amount of space for the children varies depending on the configuration chosen, and depending on whether a recline is required. You may need to think carefully about which child goes where if one is likely to fall asleep whilst out, but we will study the configurations once we know more about the Du-o. The seats come with a swing away, tan leatherette bumper bar. This can be removed which would allow for a better recline in some of the tandem seating positions. We particularly love having the seats facing each other. There’s nothing more cute than seeing siblings interacting with each other.

First impressions of the fabrics were good. They looked very smart. There is a 5 point harness with shoulder pads, which will be height adjustable. Each hood has 2 panels with an additional zip out central panel and a flick our visor. There is a peekaboo window in the rear panel so that you can keep an eye on your child. The hoods can be unzipped at the rear and then will slide up the frame to allow more head room if necessary. However, these are generous seats.

The Mee-Go Du-o has a huge fabric storage basket which will keep everything safe as you stroll along. We love that the basket is accessible even in tandem mode.
The wheels are all terrain air tyres for the ultimate ride. Mee-Go like pushchairs with good suspension, so we expect the Du-o to be no different. Air tyres always give the best handling and manoeuverability. Mee-Go do thoughtfully provide a hand air pump for if the worst should happen.

The Mee-Go Du-o folds easily to a fairly compact size and will freestand once folded. The seats do need removing to fold although the adaptors can be left in situ. The seats can be neatly stacked to take up less space in the car.

Mee-Go anticipate that the Du-o should be in the UK early in 2017. Whether for use as a single or as a tandem, this is definitely a pushchair to keep an eye out for in 2017.

Thank you very much to Mee-Go for allowing us to take these photos and for giving us this fantastic exclusive!

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