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An Omnio Stroller Initial Opening the Box Review by LG

Firstly the Omnio Stroller is gorgeous! The teal is stunning!

However, the Omnio is not a pull it out the box and flick open easily without the manual type. The fold is also taking a little while to master.

The tall seat has a fantastic height harness that’s easy to adjust and is well padded for the passenger. The straps are comfortable for anyone carrying the stroller folded on their back. There is a strap recline with lovely rings to pull on to adjust, also on the harness to pull the straps up tight when the passenger is fitted. The seat is low to the ground though. Very low! The Omnio is easy for a child to climb in but feels a little like a dolls pram. The seat is a really good size for height and seat depth. My son fits in well but the leg drop is short. My son used the mud guards as foot rests.

The push is very good surprisingly. I noticed a slight slight judder when using the Omnio inside on smooth Tesco floors; as the front wheels have rollers to allow it to turn. Very minor! The handle is a nice dense yet soft touch foam. Lovely diameter! The frame appeared to flex a lot but I believe it’s the suspension on the rear to allow steering;  and actually when I realised this, it makes sense and doesn’t bother me now, just initially I thought it was flimsy. It actually makes cornering good. As we have a child with a higher weight on board it’s hard to say how it would handle with a smaller child but I need to use two hands to turn….just. Getting my head round the non swivel wheels was/is an issue but they do work!

There are a couple of points to mention though. The foot plate could be doing with being a bit longer. My son has only size 11 feet and I feel there could be more support for his feet there: the footplate folds away, so it wouldn’t get in the way when in backpack mode. One other point is when I go to set off my handle has some slippage when pushing (bugaboo bee type flip opening clips then lock back down into place). It’s ok when on smooth surfaces but when we initially start up to push off, it only moves if given a good shove. The clips are fastened as they should be and the child on board is under the weight limit too. However, I mentioned this handle slippage to the Omnio team, and this seems to be a fault which is unique to my stroller. Omnio have responded quickly and are going to rectify this for me. So rest assured, if there is any issue, that Omnio have excellent customer service, and you can buy with confidence.

The basket is understandably small, however I feel elastic sides would be beneficial making it easier to access and retrieve items too. At the moment the sides are fixed with little gaps between buggy and basket makes it’s very difficult to access. I’ve avoided it!! I like how there are many storage pockets on it though for being a travel stroller. The additional bags are lovely quality with decent fastenings, love a magnetic closing!! Both fix onto the stroller but have yet to try them out properly. A nice touch.

The Omnio omes with a travel bag, however I have not tried it yet; and a raincover with matching colour band, round cover. The Omnio hood is removable and has to be removed to fold, but the hood stores in a pocket on the rear of the seat which is handy. Another pocket holds the rain cover. The raincover fits on well leaving room for feet too.

There is a one touch push on flick off break pedal at rear in the centre. I found that there was good stride length when walking. I didn’t kick the pushchair at all and that’s rare because at 5ft 9 ish, I have a long stride.

Remember that the Omnio Stroller is an occasional type of pushchair which you would quickly grab out on a walk need to get a tired one home, or for travelling through airports pushchair. For travel it would be great if you maybe have an escape artist because the harness is a 6 point with a flap that folds over the buckle to hide it from little fingers!  All round the Omnio Stroller seems to work for us at the moment, and it fits well behind my driver seat for storage or taking up little room in the boot. I wouldn’t have it as a main stroller though as I am fortunate enough to have space for a full sized pushchair as well. However, it is useful to have a travel pushchair alongside my main pushchair, and the Omnio would be a great space saving solution if space was limited.


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