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ABC Design at the Harrogate Nursery Fair 2017

If I was a baby, I think the pushchair that I would like most is the new ABC Design Pepper (photos at the bottom of this set). This new pushchair from ABC Design has the longest seat recline we have ever seen at Best Buggy……and it still was not fully extended. Couple plenty of room to stretch, with a super padded memory foam moulded seat, a huge hood and amazing suspension, and you really have the pushchair that all babies dream of.

The ABC Design Pepper is at first glance a pretty ordinary, smart looking stroller. The fabrics were good quality and the handlebar and bumper bar had hand stitched leatherette covers. There is a big easily accessible basket and large wheels for an urban style stroller.

However….we were amazed at the seat length of the Pepper. We measured it at a massive 98cm from the top of the seat right down to the end of the footrest, and the footrest was still only on the shortest setting. We would suggest that the footrest could be extended by approx another 4-6cm at least to just over a metre from top to toe.
However, the mechanism to extend the footrest is very neat. The footrest just looked like a normal footrest until the rep did a neat flick and out popped the full extension.

There are three suspension settings which can be adjusted as your child grows to give the best setting for their weight. The suspension really was awesome.

There is a handbrake in the centre of the handlebar to save your toes getting bashed when you put on the break. The handlebar is adjustable, and the bumper bar is a swing away one, to make access to the seat easy.

The seat unit is reversible so that your child can face you, or face the world ahead.

The Pepper can also take a carrycot or an infant carrier to form a travel system. The indicators on each side show when each component is correctly fitted.

There is more information on the ABC Design Pepper here.

The other new ABC Design pushchair on show at Harrogate was the Mint (Photos start at the end of Row 2 above). This in contrast to the Pepper, is a small folding, forward facing stroller type pushchair, but it can have a carrycot or an infant carrier fitted to it if desired. The wheels on the Mint are a good size. There is a reasonably sized basket. We like the leatherette handlebar and bumper bar, and also the additional strap between the child’s legs. The seat only forward faces and the handlebar does not extend. The Mint has a very compact fold and is simple to do by pulling a cord in the centre of the seat. The ABC Design Mint was a little gem at Harrogate. We liked it a lot.

There is more information on the ABC Design Mint here.

We also enjoyed seeing the old favourites – the ABC Design Zoom, Mamba, Salsa and Cobra too.

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