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Egg Quail at the Harrogate Nursery Fair 2017

The Egg Quail is the second of the Egg brand of pushchairs to be introduced to the pushchair market.

The Quail is a sturdy pushchair with both parent and forward facing options. The Quail stroller also folds compactly and neatly, with the seat left on the pushchair in either forward or reverse positions, and then freestands, both ways. The last 5 rows of our photos above show the folding sequence, beginning with the seat forward facing, and the folding process. The seat is then reversed so that it is now parent facing, and the pushchair is folded again to show both forward and parent facing folds. Note, that the handle doesn’t touch the ground which is an important detail. The fold is accessed via the barrel in the centre of the handle in a similar way to the Egg Stroller.

The Quail has the same quality look and feel to the Egg Stroller. The fabrics feel similar, the harness is similar, the hood is fully lined and good quality fabric. The most obvious differences are that there is no “frame” around the Quail seat and hood, like the Egg. It is still very much a full size pushchair though, and is an alternative to the Egg. The seat is a full lie flat seat, and so is suitable from birth without the need for a carrycot.

We love the Quail logo and theming. The logo is of a Quail bird, but it cleverly incorporates the Egg at the centre as this is an Egg Quail pushchair. There are even Quail footprints on the tyre treads!

The Egg Quail has a very unique feature. The seat backs are removable, and can be swapped easily for another seat back. These back plates are held magnetically, and literally lift on and off. There were 5 different styles on display, but these can produced with different designs etc. on. Our feedback to Egg would be to produce some more plain backs, because personally we don’t like anything which looks like animal skin, and we are sure that we are not alone.

The seat back plates cover the harness and hood adjustment mechanisms – which can very easily be altered. The harness can be lifted up and down using a lever, and the hood height can be raised by several inches by moving the second lever (see photos in lines 4 and 5).

The Quail has a generous basket, solid non puncture wheels and good suspension. The brake is a step on and step off one like the Egg stroller brake. We like the leatherette handle – especially on the pink Quail. It shone out in the showroom.

The Egg Quail ticks all our boxes for a great pushchair. It bears all the hallmarks of the Egg Stroller but gives an additional option to parents. We absolutely love the Quail and can see it becoming a classic pushchair. We can’t wait to see the final production model later this year.

The Quail will cost £599 and is due at the end of Summer 2017.

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