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Egg Stroller at the Harrogate Nursery Fair 2017

These photos are of some of the new 2017 Egg Stroller colours which may be coming to our stores later this year, along with some of the current range of colours. The final decision has not been made yet, however if you like a particular colour, then ask your retailer to register an interest in it.

There are some stunning new colour coded, luxury changing bags in a new look, classic, designer shape. They look so smart, that it is only after the event, that we realised they would be changing bags, because they look just like a top end handbag!

There was a stunning gold Egg stroller; and a navy snakeskin Egg. There was also a pair of grey / white checked fabrics on a choice of a grey or silver chassis, which gave two completely different looks.

We loved the new basket which clips onto the rear of the chassis and extends the amount of storage space. We liked that you could remove it for shopping, and then attach it again once you have paid for everything. Or it can be detached to carry into the house. It is a great size for picnics too. There is a flip up lid for easy access.

We LOVED the new snuggly seat liners. Super soft and warm.

Egg are also looking into introducing a new car seat by Swandoo. This innovative seat is very sleek and looks very comfortable, and is very egg shaped! There is a hidden hood which can be pulled out and attached to the handlebar. The side seat belt routing clips and the rear clip, all glow in the dark to facilitate easy buckling up. There is a new style of harness – the same as on our Yippie Yo – where the straps are slackened at the front, and then both straps need pulling down to tighten. There was a clever easy harness height adjustment system at the rear too. We ISOFIX base was a work of art in itself, and was light to carry.

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