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Joie Mytrax and Chrome at the Harrogate Nursery Fair 2017

One of the stars of the show at Harrogate was the new Joie Mytrax. It was sat alongside the Joie Chrome DLX (on the left of the photos).

The Joie Mytrax is a quick folding, neat folded pushchair with dinky air tyres to give an amazing push. The manoeuverability seemed excellent when we pushed the Mytrax on the stand, and we liked the extending handlebar. There appeared to be no flex on the handle with the seat empty, unlike the newer version of the Joie Litetrax (we had to send ours back because the flex was so bad).

The seat is a lie flat seat with a lift up calf rest to support sleeping feet. There are thick harness pads and a crotch pad. The lined hood is very large and extends to a huge size. There is a peekaboo window in the rear of the hood.

There is a decent sized basket although it was difficult to work out how good access would be when the seat is sat upright.

The fabrics seemed good quality. We liked the textured feel. However, we were not keen on the leatherette handlebar stitching being right on the top of the handlebar. It was irritating our hands after just a few minutes.

The fold is very neat – pull a handle in the centre of the seat and the pushchair folds in half, and then free stands. There is an autolock too.

A gemm or i-gemm baby seat or Ramble carrycot can also be attached to the Mytrax.

All round the Joie Mytrax ticks all our boxes for a perfect pushchair. It has the perfect combination of small fold, large seat, big basket and go anywhere, air tyres, all with an extending handlear. The Mytrax is high on our wish list when it arrives in the UK in Summer / Autumn 2017.

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