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Peg Perego at the Harrogate Nursery Fair 2017

Peg Perego are back in the UK. We only had a quick look around their stand at the Harrogate Nursery Fair as we plan to meet with their team later this year. However the new Book for 2 and the Team tandem pushchair both caught our eye.

The Peg Perego Book for 2 is a side by side twin pushchair with two independently reclining seats, with adjustable calf rests, and separate hoods. The fold is very simple. There is a huge basket which can have the rear frame lowered for easy access. It is 72cm wide.

The Peg Perego Team is a beautifully finished tandem pushchair – one of the finest we have seen. There has been huge attention to detail – just look at the handlebar adjustment button; or the wheel swivel lock which is a button half way down the chassis (no bending down!). The Team can take a combination of 2 seats; a seat and a carrycot; 1 carrycot and a car seat or two car seats. The seat units can face both ways. The seats fit onto a frame which can be contracted and expanded so that the seat unit can sit centrally as a single pushchair as well as being a double. The rear of the pushchair frame is higher than the front to allow the rear forward facing child to have a good view. As with the Book for 2, the basket frame also folds down for easy access. The Team carrycots fold flat for easy storage, and the pushchair will fold with the carrycot and seat units left in situ.
The Peg Perego Team will cost around £1200-£1300 when it goes on sale later this autumn.

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