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Mutsy Igo Tandem Pushchair

There was a surprise at Kind + Jugend this year from Mutsy. Their Igo can also become a tandem pushchair!!

The Igo is an incredibly neat folding pushchair and has long been useful to anyone with a small car boot. So to be able to add on a second seat or carrycot to this dinky chassis is pretty amazing. It is clear from the photos that this probably isn’t without compromises, not least to the toddler in the lower seat if you have a parent facing carrycot on top, and we know that the adaptor is complicated to fit; but we are totally blown away that Mutsy have managed to create a tandem out of the Igo.
If you needed a small folding tandem, then you would probably accept the compromises, but we will have to wait and see what those exactly are. We will be keeping our eyes on this new tandem adaption for the Mutsy Igo over the coming year.

We were very kindly given the photos above, and we have been given permission to use them.

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