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Mee-go Trio Review by Best Buggy

First Impressions

Small but perfectly formed would be the best way to describe the Mee-go Trio. The pushchair comes with the choice of Carbon or Rose Gold chassis and range of seat fabric colours including Jet Black, Orchid and Slate Blue allowing personalisation and choice. We have the Carbon chassis with the Jet Black seat fabric. It is stylish and understated. The fold package is very neat which is very useful if you are travelling with a pushchair.

Child Comfort, Harness and Bumper Bar

The seat suitable for a baby from birth. It is also comfortable for a toddler however the seat is on the shallow side. There is the added comfort of an adjustable leg rest which is perfect for babies or for tired little legs. There are 5 calf rest positions in total. When in the most upright position, then seat is slightly too reclined for us. We have adjusted this by pulling the pull cords tight which control the recline, although the top of the seat does lean back still which may be an issue for an older toddler. We believe this could be easily resolved with ‘sit upright straps’ but we can not endorse doing this as it would change the safety integrity of the pushchair.
Our little tester rarely naps but was happy for the seat to be reclined for a bit of quiet time and relaxation. The toggle was easy to use and allowed us to experiment with different positions from fully flat to varying degrees of upright position. The recline does require two hands, and a bit of a pull and push with a shoulder to get the seat upright especially with a toddler in the seat. At the rear of the seat is a flexible plastic mesh which is designed to make the seat more secure when reclined for a little one. However, we have struggled to tuck this out of the way on both sides for an older child, and so it may irritate their neck or head. The knee to footrest length is excellent with plenty of space for an older child’s legs, and a good accessible footrest. This does make up somewhat for the seat depth.

There are three harness height settings, and also two harness width settings. This gives excellent adjustability especially for a baby who will be held securely.
The five point harness was easy to clip unclip and the straps were adjusted easily to accommodate a coat on an older toddler. However, the Trio has a harness buckle which can break into 5 pieces if accidentally pulled. This then makes it tricky to do up a wriggly toddler especially in winter when you are wrestling thicker clothing and blankets or a footmuff. There are shoulder pads and a crotch to keep a child comfortable.

A bumper bar is always a bonus, and the Trio comes complete with one as standard. The bumper bar has to be either on or off – there is no swing away function to let a child in or out. The pushchair folds neatly with the bumper bar still attached and we particularly liked three attention to detail that allowed for a soft feel cover which protects the padded foam underneath from little chewers or pickers! We liked being able to attach a blanket or toys to the bumper bar.

Hood, Raincover and Storage

We braved four seasons in one day with Trio, so the two panel fabric hood was more than adequate to protect from the elements with the added bonus of a zip out ventilation panel ideal for snoozing little ones in sunnier days – not that we saw the sun for long!! The positioning of the mesh panel means that the sun will be right in the eyes of a little one, especially if they are napping. The hood height is excellent and allows lot of room for an older child, however, there is no adjustability which leaves a little one quite exposed.

The Trio comes with a raincover which was thankfully was easy to fit and covers the pushchair neatly with minimum fuss and effort.

For a small pushchair, the basket is surprisingly roomy. The lightweight frame means that a changing bag would need to be put in the basket. There was room for a couple of coats and a parent console could be always added to the handlebar. The added weight made no difference to the handling.

Handlebars, Handling, Wheels and Brake

The curved foam covered handlebar is a good height – this is a positive bonus because most small fold pushchairs either have a handle that is too low, or is too high. We liked having just one bar to hold. Although the button to fold is on the handlebar, it is off set, which means that it doesn’t get in the way. This makes the handlebar still comfortable to hold and easy to push, one handed.

Although the wheels look small, this makes them fabulous for city use and we had a smooth ride across pavements. We also ventured to the park to slightly tougher terrain which the Trio handled well. The Trio was incredibly easy to steer even single handed thanks to the full handlebar. The front wheels are only swivel, and we would have appreciated the option to be able to lock the wheels for cobbles or rougher terrain, but equally we wouldn’t expect this functionality on a small fold pushchair. The turning circle is tiny which is useful in some situations. We did appreciate the single rear wheels because they gave a smoother push compared to similar pushchairs with double rear wheels. Overall we found the Trio easy and light to push. We could easily pop it up a kerb, however, we did find at times the Trio was a little ‘tippy’ and had to take care going up kerbs and when cornering.

The Trio has a flick on, flick up brake with an audible sound. The brake is centrally situated. It isn’t the easiest brake if you have open toed shoes on, but is manageable.


When it comes to storage the compact fold of the Mee-go Trio is invaluable for those who travel and have little space. The Trio folded down into a neat little package and found a home in most places, the hall cupboard, the car boot on a day trip that was packed to the hilt, the footwell when we ran out of space in the boot and underneath the shopping trolley when we ran out of hands to push it! When considering our summer holidays it would be the ideal travel companion and we would be able to negotiate the airport with ease.

The Mee-go Trio fold is really easy to do. Simply slide the safety catch on the handlebar, and rotate the barrel. Push down and the Mee-go Trio folds down very neatly in on itself with a trifold, creating a tiny footprint which will fit in the smallest of car boots or storage spaces. There is a plastic fold lock on the side. If this is positioned correctly, then by chance the lock will engage. Otherwise you can manually lock this after folding.
We kept forgetting to undo the plastic fold lock to unfold, and then kept wondering why the pushchair wouldn’t open!! Once the fold lock is off, then it is really simple to open the pushchair. Simply flick the pushchair handle up, and the bottom unfolds and locks open. If you keep the momentum going the the pushchair stands to attention with the ease. Just ensure the chassis is fully locked before use. It is possible to open and close the Trio one handed.
Such ease of use makes the Trio an ideal travel companion when limited for space. Compact and convenient: exactly what the Mee-go Trio needs to be.

In Conclusion

The Mee-go Trio delivers well in terms of comfort, push, and value for money. It is easy to open and the fold is so simple and genuinely fits in the one hand fold category for ease of use. The seat can easily accommodate an older child although we felt it was too reclined for an older toddler, and would have liked the toggle to pull slightly tighter and be one handed. The bumper bar was a great addition for us. The handle height was good, and there was good storage for a small folding pushchair.

The fold was compact, and it was good to be able to leave the bumper bar in-situ. It was easy to store the Trio in the car boot or cupboard until we needed it. The Trio was light enough to carry and lift between destinations which makes it good for travel.
All in all we loved using the Trio – we had many compliments on how stylish it was and the sturdy, simplistic functionality made it a pleasure to use.  We are giving the Mee-go Trio a Best Buggy 4 gold star rating, because we think there are areas that could be improved, but if you want a lightweight occasional or holiday pushchair, then it’s a great choice and great value for money.

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