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Bugaboo Ant

We think many people were puzzled when Bugaboo headed off into the direction of luxury luggage…..but today all has been revealed. The latest stroller from Bugaboo is based from their research on suitcases!

The newest smallest member of the Bugaboo family is the Bugaboo Ant!!!

The Bugaboo Ant has a forwards and rear facing, reversible seat with a huge seat capacity of 22kgs. Great news for parents with larger children. The seat lies flat and so is suitable from birth. Adding a cocoon makes the Ant a really handy newborn option if space is at a premium at home or in your car boot.

Bugaboo have placed an emphasis on child comfort and there seems to be good leg room and seat depth. The erognomic seat is designed both the support the child to sit up straight, but also has a kind of hammock which moulds and flexes to the shape and with the movement of the child. There is an extendable UPF 60+ rated sun canopy with a flick out sun visor.

The Bugaboo Ant has an extendable handle which can be tucked away neatly when folded, or can be left out to use as a pull along handle once the pushchair is folded away. Bugaboo say the Ant is a one handed steer which is fantastic if you have other children or need to carry luggage as well.

The Bugaboo Ant appears to have two sections to its basket. First of all there is a larger rear luggage basket which can hold up to 6kg; and at the front there is a smaller underseat mesh basket which can hold 3kg (more of a mesh pocket) which can also be accessed once the pushchair is folded.  Items can be left in the underneath basket when folded which means there’s no need to remove everything each time you fold. Great news! The idea is that the basket forms part of the suitcase, whilst the rear frame protects the seat when travelling. There is good access to both baskets.

There are four small wheels which each have suspension, thus giving your child a smoother and more comfortable ride. The one handed steer gives great manoeuverability.

This dinky travel stroller is the perfect travelling companion to accompany you and your children on your travels whether by train, boat or car.  The Bugaboo Ant folds down into a neat suitcase sized package measuring just 66 x 38 x 23cm. Bugaboo are promoting the Ant as suitable for an overhead locker on a plane, however the Ant does not come within the IATA cabin luggage maximum measurements which are 55 x 35 x 20cm and we haven’t found an airline that the Ant officially could be taken on as hand luggage, although we know Air New Zealand work to weight, not to sizes. However weighing in at 7.2kg the Ant is too heavy even for Air New Zealand (7kg limit!). So we are not recommending that you buy the Ant hoping you can take it into the cabin of a plane.
Having said this, the Ant would still be a fantastic travel buggy for a holiday or trip abroad.

The fold is very much like a small suitcase. There are several steps to the fold, and then the whole package can be pulled along behind you like a trolley suitcase if you wish.

The chunky side panels of the Ant can be customised, and we expect Bugaboo will make the most of these with special editions in future.

Bugaboo have made the Ant so that more than 80% of it can be recycled at the end of its life. They have used screws instead of rivets, so that parts can be easily replaced by parents. We love this attention to the enviromental impact of this product.

They say the best things come in small packages, and we think the Bugaboo Ant will take some beating for the perfect travel pushchair. Very different, but then why not!?! We think the Bugaboo Ant looks great!

The Bugaboo Ant will be released at John Lewis on July 1st, and then in other Bugaboo retailers from September 1st 2019. With a retail price starting at just £429 the Ant is an affordable price for a Bugaboo.

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