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Mee-go Santino Review by Best Buggy

The Mee-go Santino is a beautiful looking pushchair. It is a lovely combination of a traditional pram / pushchair with a quick, easy fold and light weight modern chassis and a small footprint, but it retains the wonderful bouncy, all round suspension of an old coach built pram. We have the Santino in the Chamomile colourway which has a pleasant cream checked pattern. The Santino range has a plain grey option, a beautiful ‘Fairy Dust’ glittery pink option, and there are two absolutely stunning special editions in black and gold available.
What we love about the Mee-go Santino is that everything you could possibly need for your baby to travel, and more, is included in one price. This is such a huge package; with incredible attention to style and detail; all at a fantastic price.

First Impressions

The first impression of the Santino is the huge box! It is one of the biggest boxes we have ever had here at BBHQ. However when you open the box it is easy to see why. The box contains the pushchair chassis, the seat unit, a hard bottomed carrycot, a changing bag with changing mat, mosquito nets, raincover, bootcover / footmuff, cupholder and even handmuffs for the parents on cold winter days! Honestly, nothing has been forgotten, and it was an absolute joy and pleasure to open the box and for the surprises to keep on coming. We know that as a parent-to-be, when you have saved up to buy a pram for your first baby, you want to enjoy the experience of opening your new pram, and opening up the Mee-go Santino delivers the experience that we would want.
Not only that, but it is the quality and attention to detail that you notice. The beautiful classic fabrics; the magnetic fastenings on the changing bag; the leatherette Mee-go tags; the magnetic cover on the shopping basket, the covers over the zips on the hood, and even a magnetic toy holder on the inside of the lined hood. This is the sort of attention to detail you usually only find on a more expensive pushchair.
We also want to highlight that the Santino has a hard bottomed carrycot. These are difficult to find these days, and even less so to have one included as part of a package. It is usually an extra.
There was an extra box for the baby car seat, and also we have an optional carrycot stand for use in the house.
Our first impressions were absolutely fantastic, in fact we are quite blown away at what is included and at the attention to detail.

Child Comfort

The reversible seat unit can both parent and forward face and is suitable from 6 months of age. The seat is roomy, large and well padded. It isn’t the tallest seat back we have seen, but it makes up for it in leg room (more important for an older child) and has two foot rests both of which are lovely and wide. One footrest is attached to the seat, and one is lower down on the chassis itself.
The seat footrest can be lifted up into two positions to support little legs well. It is easy to simply lift the footrest up by pulling, but lowering requires both hands to release red clips on each side. It is also possible to lock the calf rest into an additional position, slightly underneath the seat, so that an older child can reach the lower footrest on the chassis. The calf part of the footrest is thickly padded, wipe clean leatherette to give comfort, whereas the footrest itself is plastic for easy cleaning.
There are four seat positions including a lie flat position and a very upright position, with two recline positions in between. The seat is released using a handle on the rear of the seat. It is very easy to release the seat back by pulling the handle slightly up.
There are three harness height positions. These are easy to change by undoing the seat fabric at the back, and then push the harness through. The harness itself is really soft ribbon type fabric, and has a beautiful buckle. It is chunky, curved and has just two parts to insert which makes it easy to do up when you have a wriggly child. There are two crotch strap positions which gives good adjustability.
Mee-go include two sets of harness covers – there are the ones shown in the photos which match the fabric, but also there are a pair of soft fleece baby straps too.
There is a gate opening, removable bumper bar, and also a fabric divider which goes between the child’s legs which press studs onto the bumper bar. This would prevent an older toddler sliding down. The fabric divider can’t be removed, but it can be undone.
The seat unit is very traditional in that its a proper rigid ‘L’ shape which gives the child excellent support, which would be important if you walk a lot, or your child will spend a lot of time in their pushchair. The seat itself is padded, but Mee-go also include a superthick reversible liner in the package. One side is plain fabric and the other is terry towelling and absorbant. Very high level of child comfort all round.
The Santino seat unit pops on and off the chassis extremely easily. The attachment clips are simple for an adult to squeeze, and pull the seat free.

The hood is large, lined and has not just one, but two additional zip out sections! There is a large fabric extension section in the middle of the hood to give greater coverage; and there is a mesh panel at the base of the hood which gives ventilation on hotter days. The hood can simply be pulled up / pushed down by hand.
The very front section of the hood is padded and acts as a sun visor, this could be folded away if desired, but you probably wouldn’t want to. Underneath the visor is a magnetic toy loop. We think this is quite brilliant design!
On top of the hood is what appears to be a zipped pocket. However, this is not really meant as a pocket, and if items are placed in, they may drop down each side. It is however to allow access to the carrying handle when using the carrycot. Both carrycot and pushchair have similar hood fabrics so the zip appears also on the pushchair hood. It could be handy to store a muslin in though.

Mee-go also include a shaped bootcover / footmuff which covers the child’s legs and up to the upper part of their body. The front section (on top of the child) is padded to keep them warm, but can’t be tucked as close around the child like a footmuff. The top section of the bootcover is folded down and held in place by a magnet. This can be opened so that the cover sits higher up on the child. The bootcover, is brilliant for protecting a child from harsh winter winds or light rain. There’s plenty of room underneath to add on snuggly blankets. The bootcover makes the pushchair look very smart when being pushed around.

Carrycot and Car Seat

The carrycot is one of the biggest reasons to buy a Santino. It’s a proper hard bottomed carrycot which is packed with features to give a baby to utmost protection as they travel. A breathable good quality mattress and washable cotton liner are included.
The carrycot has a large adjustable hood with a sun visor at the front. There is also a zip-on mosquito net specifically for the carrycot.
As mentioned above, inside the carrycot hood is the carrycot carrying handle, so unlike the pushchair hood which can be simply pulled up and down, the carrycot hood needs to be adjusted using buttons on each side of the carrycot.
The carrycot has an adjustable backrest in the base, which can be lifted up. This which would help a baby with reflux or would allow an older baby to sit up a little, and see out as they travel. This is adjusted from underneath the carrycot using a rotating dial which you push in and turn. This which means that if your little one falls asleep it is possible to lower them back down to a flat position again without disturbing your little one. The base is also ventilated, with an easy to use adjustor underneath.

Unique to the Santino is a superb carrycot apron which at first glance just looks like it has a smart, cool, stand-up apron feature detail. This is held in place with magnets. However when this is lifted up, a see-through visor appears, which can then be lifted right up and attached at the top using magnets in the hood to form a weather proof, wind proof covering to keep a baby snuggly and warm. The see-through visor provides a window so that you can watch your little one as they sleep, or to give you eye contact when awake even on cold days. Absolute genius!! We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!
The apron itself is super thick so provides good insulation. The apron zips open at both sides which is fantastic (aprons usually have a single zip). This means the apron can be totally opened, and will simply hang down giving great access, whilst you attend to your baby, and so won’t get dirty or get in the way. The apron can be completely removed if desired.
The Santino carrycot is suitable for occasional overnight sleeping and Mee-go make a carrycot stand for the carrycot or even the seat unit to rest on. We have tried this and it is very easy to do. Very handy to have at home to keep your little one away from pets and draughts.

Included in this amazing package is also a beautiful matching baby infant carrier car seat plus the adaptors, which turns the Santino into a fantastic travel system.
The adaptors slot easily into the same sockets as the carrycot and pushchair seat. The car seat then clicks audibly on top. The handle stays upright when the seat is on the pushchair chassis, but it can be lowered when the seat is removed from the chassis. The lovely fabric hood is cleverly attached to the handle using loops, but this means it can be easily detached for access to the baby too.
The car seat also has an footmuff / apron which is a really neat touch, whether for winter protection, or to give shade in summer. The seat has a removable liner and a built in wedge to give as flat a position as possible.
The harness is released using a button at the foot of the car seat, and then it is a one hand pull tight.
The infant carrier needs to be belted into the car; but there is an ISOFIX base available (£115) which would make it simpler to pop the seat into the car.
The infant carrier is tested to the car seat regulations EU Standard ECE R44.

Handlebars, Handling, Wheels, Brake and Storage

The Santino has the most fabulous suspension. It’s a long time since we have pushed anything which gives such fantastic adjustability to the terrain. The puncture proof gel filled Futuro wheels feel like air tyres, and have a lot of give in them. Manoeverabilty was excellent and a joy to push. These two factors mean that the Santino is an excellent walking pushchair – it would be fantastic for school runs and long walks. Whilst the Santino isn’t an all terrain pushchair, it has larger front wheels than most pushchairs, and with the wheels locked would be able to cope with parks, bark etc easily. There’s even small mud guards on the top of the front wheels to try and keep your pushchair clean.
The wheels can be set to swivel or lock straight using a really novel twist system on the top of the wheel housing – simply turn the top to lock / unlock. One of the simplest systems we have seen, but if you didn’t know it was there, you would miss it!
The wheels can be popped off really simply if required for storage or washing.

The brake sits centrally on between the rear wheels. It is very easy to step on, and step off, which means you can do them in any shoes, or even bare foot.

The basket is large and benefits from a cover which keeps your shopping protected from the elements. The cover is held at all four corners with strong magnets, so that there is access to the basket from the front and the back. The cover doesn’t come off completely, which is handy as it will never get lost or fall off as you travel or put it in the car. If desired, the two sides of the basket cover could be lifted up and attached onto or over the fold handlebar, and the magnets would hold the cover completely open and out of the way.
The basket itself is a good size although access is restricted by the fold handlebar, but you can certainly get a reasonably sized handbag or shopping bags underneath.

The Added Extras

The Mee-Go Santino literally comes with so many accessories that we needed a separate section just to discuss them.

Mee-go have thoughtfully included a really beautiful changing bag. This is rectangular and very stylish with a pocket on the outside. The outer matches the plain fabric of the Santino. Inside is lined with white spotty fabric. There are several pockets to store smaller items, and the bag comes with a changing mat. There is a handle on the outside and the bag also comes with a shoulder carrying strap. What we love most is that the bag clips very neatly onto each side of the handlebar on the chassis, using loops which are attached onto the changing bag. It sits in a good position so as not to get in the way or swing too much.

There is a raincover and a mosquito net. There is an additional zip on / off mosquito net for the carrycot which is very neat.
Mee-go include beautiful fleece lined individual handmuffs for the parent or carer. These use press studs to popper onto the handlebar. If you don’t want to use them, then pop them onto the bumper bar to keep your little ones hands toasty and warm.
As mentioned above there are additional fleece shoulder pads for a baby included in the package.
The Santino comes with a cupholder which fits easily onto the handlebar on the right hand side of your pushchair.

We have the additional stand (£90) which allows the carrycot to be used inside the house. The stand can also be used in conjunction with the pushchair seat too as a highchair or high seat. This could be particularly useful when travelling or if space is limited. The carrycot or seat unit simply clip in and out in the same way as they fit onto the pushchair chassis. We love the storage basket underneath the stand for toys, clothes or changing kit. The stand also folds fairly flat for storage.


The Santino folds as two parts – first the pushchair seat /carrycot / car seat (and adaptors) need removing (very simple); then the chassis can be very quickly folded flat.

To fold, on each side of the chassis are black sliders. When you twist and slide these slightly upwards, the handle starts to release. At this point there’s a fold mechanism above the basket. This is a rotating barrel which is released when you slide the red button sideways. The chassis folds together. Finally fold the handlebar down inline with the chassis to neaten the fold.
There is no fold lock on the chassis so you need to be careful how you carry it. Opening is simple. Simply let the wheels slide open and pull the handlebar upwards. Then reset the handlebar to the desired position.

The chassis itself is not the flattest fold – its a wedge shape when folded. However it is still fairly neat (we have seen larger examples). The pushchair seat also doesn’t fold flat, but the seat kind of nests in around the chassis, but even like this it will fill up most of a reasonable sized car boot. We tried the Santino in two car boots, and we struggled to get it to fit one car. So it is really important that you try the Santino in your car boot before purchase.

Each part – pushchair seat, carrycot and carseat all clearly audibly click into position which is great to be sure that you are safe to go.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the Santino is a fantastic hybrid of the classic pram / pushchair body with a modern easy, flat folding chassis. The roomy seat is comfortable and we love all the extra details and add on’s which give the Santino package superb value for money. The carrycot is one of the best we have ever seen, and we think the visor window is genius to keep your baby warm but yet in constant view.

Whilst the stylish Santino will appeal to anyone – whether city socialite or country dweller, we think Santino will very much appeal to outdoorsy parents simply because the suspension and wheels are amazing, but also the level of warmth, insulation, and weatherproof features – both summer and winter are outstanding.

There are unexpected features and details everywhere! It is also the attention to detail too – the quality excudes from this pushchair in the labels and tags, the way the fabric sits on the pushchair, the level of padding such as in the liner or the carrycot apron. This pushchair really feels like it should have a price tag that is double what it actually is! Not only that but the Santino comes literally with everything you need including the carrycot and car seat, making the Santino a superb 3-in-1 travel system which will last your child easily from birth to three. It is actually quite incredulous what you get for your money – to get everything included on such a smart, well tailored pushchair for under £650 is amazing. Well done Mee-go! A fantastic pushchair.

When it comes to awarding Best Buggy star rating, we will be honest and say that we think the fold size on the Santino lets it down; however, when you look at the Santino package as a whole and the quantity of items included for the amazing price; and then look at the quality of the fabrics and the superb finish, there really is no question that the Mee-go Santino well and truly deserves a Best Buggy 5 Gold Star rating from us. Absolutely superb.

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