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Mountain Buggy + One Review from Harrogate Nursery Fair, 2011, by Leah

I wasn’t really sure what to expect with this new pushchair the ‘plus one (+ one)’ from Mountain Buggy.
I was interested to find out what the lay out was and exactly how roomy it was going to be.
It basically converts from a single jogger to a tandem style jogger.  The front seat pushes back into the rear seat frame making a large- and i stress large- single jogger.
The front seat has the ability to recline slightly with buckle and straps at the side which would work ok for a toddler with a newborn in the back lay flat.
The rear cocoon space is roomy and has a full 5 point harness and padded seat liner.  This liner forms the back when the rear space converts to a seat.
In 2 seat mode there really is only 1 position- upright!  For both children!

Its a great solution for a newborn baby and perhaps a 18m-2yr+ yr old toddler who doesnt nap often but for an older baby who cant yet sit up its not a very practical solution.
I suspect it will have quite a bulky fold due to its length- its wheel base is deceptively long.  But we werent able to trial the fold on this particular one.
All in all- really mixed opinions.  It would actually suit my two 2yr old toddlers and may be a practical alternative to the Phil & Ted’s range.  It would also suit a newborn upto 4/5 months and an older sibling but not so great for a baby between 5-18m.

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