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Mountain Buggy +One Information

The Mountain Buggy +One is designed around the Urban Jungle pushchair chassis with modifications to ensure it is stable and safe for the children it carries.

In single mode the +one the second seat is hidden. The seat reclines like the urban jungle ie from upright to a full recline. The cocoon can be used in the rear seat position, or the seat fabric can be removed and a single carrycot can be added. The carrycot is the same as the Urban Jungle one.

A baby can also be carried on the +one as a travel system, using a car seat and an adaptor. The car seat adaptor is the same one as the Urban Jungle and Terrain. However this is only possible in single mode, and the fabric will need to be removed to use the pushchair in this way.

The Mountain Buggy +one is a single pushchair which converts using a series of zips & clips into a tandem double pushchair. A footwell is concealed in the base of the pushchair for the feet of the child in the rear to rest. The rear seat is deep enough to take a newborn baby, and so there is plenty of room too for the legs of the rear child. However you will need to lift the child into the rear seat.

In toddler and cocoon mode the front child has a slight recline. In two toddler mode the front child has a slight recline but there is no recline in the back. Both seats have a 20kg maximum weight limit. The tallest child would be able to see more from the back seat, but an older baby or young toddler may be better supported with the higher sides in the back seat.

The hood of the Mountain Buggy +one is huge. It is a follow the sun canopy with a flick out visor. There are also mesh extensions hidden behind zips in the hood to give great coverage for two children. The hood can also be raised up to a second height setting for a taller child.

A newborn – 6 month old baby can be placed in the rear seat using the cocoon which is included in the +one package. It clips into the second seat space and rear faces. Although the cocoon rear faces, the +one has passed safety standards which includes ensuring that a newborn baby’s head is not compromised by a toddler sat in the front seat. A ‘stopper bar’ is provided which attaches to the frame behind the front seat to ensure that the front seat does not bend backwards more than it should.

The suspension on the Mountain Buggy +one is located higher up on the chassis than other models to give a more comfortable ride for the passengers.

The +one folds in a similar way to other Mountain Buggy pushchairs by releasing the clips in the footplate area. It folds into a standing position measuring 109cms high by 39cms deep. It is possible to fold the +one with both seats.

The fabric of the +one fully removes easily for washing.

A Mountain Buggy Freerider can be attached to the +one in two toddler mode but the handle will need removing and the sunhood can only be used in the lowest position to allow for the riders head to fit between the seat and handle bar.


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