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Mountain Buggy +One Tandem to Single Mode Clips

When our Mountain Buggy +One arrived, we realised that we were unable to easily put the +One into single mode from tandem mode.

To put the Mountain Buggy +One into single mode from tandem first involves undoing straps on either side of the front seat. The clips from these straps are then used to push through D rings situated at the rear of the +One and then the clips need doing up. However we were unable to push the clips through the D rings, and close inspection and measuring found that the D rings were two millimetres too small to easily fit the clips through. It was possible to force the clips through, but extremely hard to pull them back out. We were reluctant to do this as but undoubtably across time this would have led to damage. Also we had bought the +One as a pushchair that would easily convert from tandem to single pushchair, and back again. There was nothing easy about forcing the clip through the D ring. The first two photos show how the clip would not easily fit through the D ring.

Mountain Buggy responded to this issue brilliantly, and within days had created a new strap with clips on either end to fit to the rear of the seat, and they kindly sent it half way across the world to us. It meant we only had to push the two clips through the D rings on either side, and the strap could be left in situ. The last photo shows the extra strap with clips in situ. It is now easy peasy to change between tandem and single mode and back again.

So thank you very much Mountain Buggy for listening to our problem, responding so quickly to it, and sending us a workable solution. It was very much appreciated!!

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