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iCandy Strawberry with Children

We keep hearing that the iCandy Strawberry seat is small. But almost a year ago, we put our then tall 2 and a half year old in the Strawberry and she had plenty of room for growth. So 10 months later we put her back into the seat of the Strawberry to see how she fitted, along with her brother.

The children are aged 3.5 years old (102cms tall – 91st centile – in age 4-5 clothes) and 20 months (81cms tall – 50th centile in age 18-24 month clothes).

These photos were taken at Harrogate Nursery Fair, with the seat liner in. To be honest, the seat liner does fill up the seat when you first look at the Strawberry, and it does give the impression that the seat is small. We took some photos of the iCandy Strawberry next to the iCandy Peach Jogger. However the Peach Jogger does not have the seat liner in and its clear to see the difference that removing the liner would make. We have tried to show this the best that we were able to. Two points to note are that the Peach Jogger sits up higher on the chassis – so when the two pushchairs are side by side, the Peach Jogger hood is higher, and so is the footrest. The footrest and hood height of the Strawberry sit lower on the chassis. Also the Peach Jogger seat has a straight frame. The seat frame of the Strawberry curves.

We remeasured the Strawberry seat with a member of the iCandy team to ensure that the measurements were accurate, and they are similar to the Peach and Peach Jogger.

The hood is pushed right up the chassis in these photos, but just like the Peach, the hood unzips at the rear, or removes to give more room for growth.

The eldest child is very tall, plus she really is almost out of using a pushchair. So realistically she is representative of the maximum height and weight a child would be in a pushchair. This should be a good indicator of how long this pushchair will last a child. Even with the liner in, she had plenty of room down either side of her legs. We also took advantage of one of the wonderful iCandy chocolate bars that were next to us, to place one between the side of child’s thigh and the outer edge of the seat, to show visually how much additional space would be gained by removing the liner. Unfortunately because of the time pressures at Harrogate we were unable to remove the liner. But the seat is considerably larger with the liner removed.

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