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Mountain Buggy +One Review by Lou

TBH I’ve hardly thought the  Mountain Buggy +One, unlike other pushchairs, because it just works…it’s very very practical, and well thought out, it works brilliantly for the preschool run, and they both manage to sleep in it! S manages to find a comfy position leaning against the side, or with her chin resting on the front seat. A had just enough recline to lean back without head loll.  On the way back from nursery I convert the +One to single mode which meant A was lies almost flat, and he is completely covered by the massive hood! He can sleep for ages because he is so comfy! S likes the back seat and is quite happy to be lifted in.
It pushes well…not quite like the Uppababy Vista we previously had. You actually have to push it rather than it gliding along, but there a two heavy children in it!
It has also has carted 3 bags of shopping in the basket, with both children in, and I can’t believe how much you can fit in the back when in ‘load’ mode!
DP is very impressed with it too.
It feels very sturdy,and I know it will do us until we no longer need a double.
With a 3.5 year old,and an 18 month old, with days out with both and preschool drop off’s where half the time both are needing a seat, and half the time I only need a single, it is absolutely perfect for our needs.
Thanks Jus! I wouldn’t have bought it without BestBuggy.

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  1. We just ordered a Mountain Buggy Duo! I hope it’s just as amazing as the older New Zealand made models!

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