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Mountain Buggy +One in Single Mode

This photoset shows the Mountain Buggy +One in single mode.

Single mode is where the straps holding up the front seat of the+One are taken off the side bars of the frame. These straps are then supposed to be passed through 2 D rings on the rear fabric of the +One (where the second seat usually is), and then fastened. This secures the front seat, to the rear fabric which first of all prevents the front seat from flopping forwards but also gives a full flat recline to a child who needs to sleep in the pushchair. The space offered by this full flat recline is huge!

However, the D rings on our +One were too small for the clips to easily go through. So Mountain Buggy kindly made us a strap which is left permanently in place, and we attach our clips to either end of the strap (see photo and other write up about this) to easily convert the +One from single to tandem mode.

The photos mainly show the various hood options. The hood is a “follow the sun” one and so can be brought right over the feet of the front child, or back to cover the rear child as well. There are several zip out mesh panels and a flick out sun visor. The Mountain Buggy +One I think takes the prize for the pushchair with the biggest hood!! It really is enormous when open.

There are also at least two (maybe more) height settings for the hood. This allows a taller child to be carried in the rear of the +One. However as the hood “grows” upwards, the space at the rear opens up too. At present our 3.5 year old goes in the rear of the +One and she likes the hood almost joining (there is still a small gap at the rear). She has plenty of room under the hood like this.

We love the way the Mountain Buggy +One is so versatile. We use it as often in single mode, or load carrying mode (with our weekly grocery shop in the rear compartment and in the basket), as we do in tandem mode! We think the Mountain Buggy +One is one of the best pushchairs we own because it can be used in so many ways!


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