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Mountain Buggy Swift v’s Mountain Buggy +One

This set of photos was done after a request by someone to see the size of the Mountain Buggy +One compared to the Mountain Buggy Swift. As you can see, there is not a huge amount of difference between the two.

The girl is aged 3.4 years and was 102cms tall. The boy was aged 19 months old and 81cms tall.

The Mountain Buggy Swift is a Pre-2010 version. Please see our Mountain Buggy Swift pages for further details on the differences between this and the present day version.

Please bear in mind that these two pushchairs are our personal pushchairs, and this photoset was done for someone else originally. Therefore the +One in particular has a handlebar cover, clip, hamster bags and extra bottle holder that we have added on. Both have footmuffs added too.

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