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Mountain Buggy Face-to-Face Parent Facing Seat

Introducing the new Mountain Buggy Face-to-Face parent facing seat!

This new parent facing seat clips neatly onto the chassis of the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle, Terrain and +One and turns your Mountain Buggy chassis into a parent facing pushchair for an older baby. The Face-to-Face seat can also fit onto the older Urban, Urban Elite (pre-2010) and fixed wheel Terrain (pre-2010) but these respectively would need the addition of either the Urban Jungle or Terrain ‘follow the sun’ canopies.

The Face-to-Face seat comes in black and with no hood. The hood from the main pushchair is used to give protection from the elements. The single storm and sun covers can be used in conjunction with the Face-to-Face seat.

The fabric is easy to wipe clean.

The Face-to-Face seat has a 5 point safety harness.

The addition of two legs (included) will turn the Face-to-Face pushchair seat into ‘deck chair mode’ so that your little one can be sat on the floor in the seat when out and about. Frame connectors and a tether strap are also included in the Face-to-Face box.

The maximum load for the Face-to-Face seat is 9kgs / 20lbs which is quite low for a seat, which is suggested as being an add on seat after the baby has come out of a carrycot. Our son was on the 91st centile for weight and he was around 9kgs at just 5 months old. An average baby boy (50th centile) would be around 8kgs at 6 months, but a smaller boy (on the 25th centile) may well be a year old before they outgrow the seat. But this is something to be aware of when thinking of purchasing the Face-to-Face seat.

It is also worth bearing in mind that the Face-to-Face seat is set at a fixed 45 degree angle, which is the same angle as a car seat, with no recline. Therefore we suggest that the current recommendations that a baby should spend no longer than 2 hours in a car seat, are also relevant to the Face-to-Face seat.

The Face-to-Face seat for the Mountain Buggy pushchairs, will retail at £49.



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