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Mountain Buggy +One at the Carnival

The flags were out once again on the Mountain Buggy +One. This time it was Carnival day!

We chose the Mountain Buggy +One because we thought it would offer both children a good vantage point, and it would also be able to tackle the soft grass in the park well.

It was a baking hot day and we had a great view for the carnival parade. Our photos show that although the eldest may look as if she doesn’t have much room in the rear, she does actually have plenty of space. Our eldest is 3 years 9 months old (102cms tall; 91st centile) and our youngest is just 2 (83.5cms tall; 50th centile).

The Carnival parade was colourful and there was a great family atmosphere. Our eldest caught a teddy bear that was thrown out to her and Teddy found his place in the rear of the +One. Later Teddy was joined by a balloon dog! There was plenty of room for all.

One of the best things about the Mountain Buggy +One is that it is very versatile. When our eldest was walking we simply drew the back straps up to make the +One a little neater. The +One is a big pushchair but its nose fitted neatly under the table for lunch.

We headed to the park after lunch to listen and dance to the live music. Family soon joined us for an afternoon in the sunshine. It was gorgeous weather! Doesn’t the +One look fab in the sunshine?!

However one of our niggles with the +One is that our youngest (in the front) really needs more shade than the eldest (in the rear) – not least because our youngest will do his utmost to pull a sun hat straight off! However when we pull the sun canopy right down over the front child, it obscures the view for the elder child in the rear. But we may have a solution for that!! Watch this space!

On the way home, our youngest fell asleep. It was easy to recline him in the front seat without it impeding on the eldest. We stopped off for some shopping before heading home for a summer barbeque in the sun!





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