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Micralite Toro

This photoset is of the Micralite Toro.

The Micralite chassis appears to be very similar to the chassis of the Super-lite Fastfold ie the wheels, basket, handle all look and feel similar. The main difference is the seat. The Toro has a seat with a frame – a proper pushchair seat. The seat can only forward face, but it can be reclined into several positions. The seat fabric can also be removed to add on a Maxi-Cosi car seat or Micralite Air-Flow carrycot.

The fold is best explained via these photos: Press down on the silver button which releases the safety catch. Then press down on the red button whilst at the same time using the two ‘handles’ either side of the silver button to pull to fold. The Toro does lock automatically when totally upright, but it is best to press down on the front bottom of the seat until you hear a click.

The handles can be rotated into any position to suit you. There are handle extenders available to buy separately.

We love that the raincover fits neatly on the handle! We think the funky bright luminous green is great, but it may not be to everyone’s taste!

Note: We believe that the first position ie straight upright in our photos is not intentional. We used the Toro like this, and it was only later when we were checking details over for our review that we realised that it should not go this upright. The seat does not lock into the chassis on this upright position and it must have been the weight of the children combined with the “nose” of the Toro tucked under the footrest that kept it upright. We have included these photos because we have learnt from them, but we need to stress that we do not think this is meant to be a seating position!!

Many Thanks to Micralite for all their help to enable us to do these reviews.

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