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Babystyle Oyster Max Review by Kerry

I am a non-driving childminder who looks after a range of children aged 1 – 3, including my own daughter. I have a range of buggies including an umbrella fold stroller, a Mama’s and Papa’s Ultima, a Safety 1st tandem and an umbrella fold side by side double pushchair. In the past I have used Graco, iCandy Peach and several types of stroller and double side by side. The children I look after are different sizes and it can be difficult to find a double pushchair to suit all of their needs.

In the Babystyle Oyster Max I believe I have found such a pushchair. It is lightweight, easy to push and very easy to use on public transport. In the past I have had problems fitting double buggy’s into the space on buses but there were no such issues with the Oyster Max, which has a wheel base similar to my single Ultima. I have had difficulties getting on and off trains with double pushchairs in the past, there were no issues with the Oyster Max, it is in fact the only pushchair (double or single) which I have been able to get on and off all types of public transport without assistance.

The seats are large and comfortable, fitting the largest toddler I look after (who is 1.03m tall, and at the top end of the maximum recommended weight) in the back and front seats. The Babystyle Oyster Max was comfortable to use on long walks, with the children enjoying their naps in it. The back seat reclines enough for most children to comfortably sleep and the front seat reclines almost flat. I would not recommend reclining the front seat to it’s maximum with a child in the lower seat if there is a larger child in their as this can lead to bumped heads! This was overcome by putting the front seat parent facing, which worked with a smaller child in the front, although not with a larger toddler as they could kick the child in the back.

I found the adjustable hood height very useful, it ensured there was sufficient headroom for even the tallest toddler, particularly useful on windy days. I also liked the wheel guards on the back wheels. The rear seat on the Oyster Max is very close to them and the guards prevented little fingers being able to reach them.

In single mode the Babystyle Oyster Max feels quite large, but no more so than the iCandy or the Ultima. The high seat position was great and allowed an unrestricted view for the children who used it. The chassis was large enough to allow the Oyster Max to be in parent facing mode with a large toddler in.

The large wheels made the Babystyle Oyster Max very comfortable to push over uneven surfaces, such as cobbled streets, and made short work of curbs and bumps in the road. The overall ride for the children was very smooth and comfortable. The footrest on the front was particularly useful for larger toddlers, although smaller ones tended to have their feet dangling which could be uncomfortable after a while, this could be overcome by adding a small lip on the seat at the bottom to rest against.

The Babystyle Oyster Max chassis folds to a nice small size which fit nicely in the boot of a BMW 3 series, albeit with the wheels removed. The seats folding in half meant they stayed clean and stored easily when the Babystyle Oyster Max was not in use.

I did find the chassis could feel a little loose at times. The back seat tended to bounce down when going down kerbs and could bang against the kerb if it was particularly high. With the position of the rear seat the basket is unusable which is inconvenient when carrying the large amount of baby paraphernalia that young children require (nappies, wipes, bottles and snacks) and it is not possible to hang a bag off the handle as you can with the iCandy and the Ultima. This was easily overcome by adding a couple of detachable clips to the handle though.

The handle felt a little too wide and was not always comfortable to use. Finding the correct position took some time and I don’t think it would be too comfortable for taller or shorter people (I am 5’ 5 so average height) and I think it would benefit from being more height adjustable, in the same way you can adjust the iCandy.

Style wise, the Oyster Max received a lot of attention with very positive comments. I was asked several times where it could be purchased. I personally really liked the look of the Babystyle Oyster Max.

Overall, I did struggle to find anything to dislike about this pushchair. It was light enough to use with 2 x 2 year olds in it, handled very well and was a dream to use on public transport. It is probably one of the best I have used and I will be seriously considering purchasing one next year. I would (and have) recommend this pushchair to anyone because it covers such a wide range of needs well.

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