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Babystyle Oyster Max – More Out and About Photos!

This set of photos was taken on our most challenging testing day of the Babystyle Oyster Max.

Our small 27 month old son (85.5cms) was asleep when we arrived, so I took the decision to try him parent facing in the hope that he would stay asleep (he did).  As you can see our daughter’s face was very close to his feet. We already knew that our son’s feet were too much of a liability for him to be in the upper seat when awake! But having him asleep, and our eldest underneath (a tall just 4 year old – 105cms), gave us the opportunity to try out the handling of the Oyster Max in a different configuration to both seats forward facing.

We loved seeing our son facing us. This would have been ideal when he had been much smaller. Yes, the upper seat is close to our eldest, and we dont know whether a smaller child would be compromised more than she was. However our eldest was very happy to be able to see her brother. She also had a good view down both sides and was happy.

The handling overall with our eldest underneath was absolutely fine. It is a little heavier than having our youngest underneath, but it wasn’t enough for me to want to swap the children around. She enjoyed being at the back so that she could chat to me clearly.

We had to attach the upper raincover in different places on both sides of the Oyster Max chassis – the velcro tabs could have done with being a bit longer really. But the raincover was secure. Our eldest had to tuck her feet under the edge of the raincover which wasn’t ideal. The shallow hood meant her face was very close the raincover and she asked me to remove it.

On this outing we took the Oyster Max through narrow doorways, in a small lift, up and down lots of large steps, up and down kerbs galore, up several steps at once, and up and down some very steep hills! The Oyster Max coped with everything far far better than I could have ever hoped. It certainly coped better than the majority of tandems would!

The photos of the Oyster Max in the car boot are with the upper seat parent facing on the chassis ie a one piece fold. I was playing with how to best to put the second seat in. I have found that although both seats fold neatly into clamshells, the seats stack better if one is left flat / unfolded.

As we have spoken before, the Oyster Max isn’t perfect, but this outing was one to sing the praises of the Oyster Max! By the end of the outing, I knew this was an amazing tandem!

I know we keep saying it, but we love the Oyster Max. The handling, seats, fold and light weight really set the Oyster Max apart. All at a brilliant price!

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