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Babystyle Oyster Max with Oyster Board

These are just a few photos of the Babystyle Oyster Max with the Oyster Board on the rear.

I am the first to admit that I find walking with a stroller board difficult. However I am really pleased to say that there is plenty of room inside the handle of the Oyster Max in single mode, for the child to be able to stand. This left me able to walk comfortably with the Oyster Board on the rear of the Oyster Max. I suspect the board would work even better with the seat parent facing but we didn’t have time to try it. We did manage to fit the Oyster Board to the rear of the Oyster Max at Harrogate (see those photos) but we thought it would be very difficult for a child to stand straddling the lower seat. We have spoken to another Babystyle Oyster Max tester, who confirmed that they had tried an Oyster Board in tandem mode, and they could not get it to work for their child.

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