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Babystyle Oyster Max v’s Jané Twone by Rachael

These photos show the Babystyle Oyster Max (left) side by side with the Jane Twone (right)

The overall size of these two tandems is more or less identical, the Twone is slightly wider at the widest point than the Max, but the Max has a wider frame overall, the total length is close to identical. There is a bigger gap between the Oyster Max seats so it takes up more of the space within its total length, which I can only see making any difference if you need to tuck it in somewhere?! The Twone gap is smaller but for taller parents this could be an advantageous as you do not kick the lower seat as easily. I am 5’7-8” and kick the back axle of the Oyster Max quite often. I have not kicked the Twone in my 7 months of use. The Twone leaves plenty of space for a longer stride, although it is somewhat at the expense of the lower child’s space.

Neither tandem has any basket space to speak of in double mode, not even to carry a raincover. The theme with both of them is you can get the raincovers INTO the base of either basket, but once loaded and in use, there is no earthly way of getting the raincovers out if it starts to rain! Access in and out of the lower seat is easier in the Max by some distance, however my impression is that the Twone seats are somewhat sturdier and handle a child putting themselves in better than the Max ones, I found myself bracing the backrest of the Max lower seat while my daughter settled into it. It is worth noting here that various aspects of the Max may be different in the final production models, however this remains to be seen.

In terms of seating positions the top seat parent facing and the lower one forward facing is an approved mode on the Max, how well it works in real life will depend on the children in any given situation. My eldest rider is approaching 3 and did not tolerate the upper footrest so close to her face or body wherever I positioned it. I suspect a year ago when her younger sister was born this would have been fine.

The same seating configuration is not mentioned in the Twone manual, the upper seat parent faces in single mode, it doesn’t not specifically say it must not do so in double mode but neither does it suggest it. I tried this when the girls were 5m and 2y5m, the upper seat can only be fully reclined in order for the upper footrest not to impinge on the lower child so it too has a limited useage. However, some months after I got my Twone through a rather unlikely set of circumstances I came into possession of a 2nd main seat unit (a Rider one, which is identical to the main twone one except for the sun visor) and discovered that it is possible to use two main seats on the Twone frame. It is NOT approved, suggested or recommended but a decision I made after quite a lot of thought and experimentation. There is an enormous difference in space between the seats in this unapproved mode, as illustrated by the photographs (the pink seat is the Rider one), plus the lower seat has the same 3 tip reclines as the upper one, as the recline system is based within the seat not the chassis.

The original Twone lower seat has much better recline options for a younger child, than the single part recline on the Oyster Max. There is a well reclined position using the additional zip recline, suitable for transition out of the carrycot which can be used with the tilt positions in full upright or reclined. The optimum position for Twone daily use, I found was the tilt recline without the zip recline, my toddler could then climb in herself and sit upright enough to keep her happy whilst being less close to the seat above than in full upright mode.

I prefer the Twone to push, there is more suspension and a softer ride but in terms of pushing ease there is very little in it, both are easy to push, turn, fold and use. The Twone fold is also quite considerably smaller and I believe it is lighter to carry also but this would need to be confirmed.
Overall the Max is far prettier (no small consideration) and for me if the lower seat had a better recline then I think it would have won me over completely. As it is I am left waiting and wondering for the production model to arrive in the shops to see if any changes have been made, particularly in terms of the lower seat recline and the basket/storage.

NOTE: Best Buggy does not advise using seats in configurations which are not safety approved. These photos are for illustration purposes only.

Thank you to Rachael for doing this side by side comparison for us.

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