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Babystyle Oyster Max – First Production Model Review!

I spent hours and hours trying to find the perfect double for my 18 month old son and newborn due in March and finally decided on the Oyster Max after the great reviews found on here! 

I can safely say I’m not disappointed, I put it together with ease and am 35 weeks pregnant! All the components clip in with ease, and the instructions are nice and straightforward with pictures also!


It pushes like a dream, I can’t stress how lite it is. My friend happened to be with me when the Max turned up and we stuck both our 25lb + children in the seats to test it and it pushed as easily as both of our single pushchairs! So with a tot and a newborn it will be even liter! 


What I LOVE is that Babystyle have reviewed the storage issues and have extended the shopping basket so it comes right to the front of the pushchair ending just behind the foot bar at the front. The basket is now accessible from the front of the buggy and could definitely fit a changing bag or a bag of shopping in it as well as the raincovers with the second seat unit attached as long as the lower child’s feet aren’t extremely long! Also when using it as a single it means the basket is now absolutely HUGE!

It really is a great tandem, I looked at so many in shops and online and it mixes functionality with style! It looks good like the iCandy but doesn’t have the price tag… And is more versatile than the Phil and Teds that I’ve seen!

Can’t wait to use it with the both of them :)

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