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Babystyle Oyster Max – Production Model Photos & Review

Okay so here are some pics of the production model of the Babystyle Oyster Max. Thought I would take some to highlight the changes in the storage area and give a review on usage in the past couple of days! I’ve put my 82cm 18 month old in there so you can get a feel for size with a slightly younger child than the other posts show.

As you can see in the photos the Oyster Max basket now ends near the front of the chassis which creates far more storage room! As well as this Babystyle have put in an elasticated mesh pocket right at the front which I used to hold the upper raincover (not yet using both seats) and it fits fine, the access at the front has now made it easy to get things in and out with the second seat attached! If you have the footrest of the second seat in a more upright position it frees a bit of space underneath also for wedging something. Very happy that they have made these changes as it makes the buggy far more practical for long outings with two children in tow, and also when using as a single you can see there is a huge amount of space for shopping!

A surprise feature for the upper seat of the Oyster Max (I guess the lower seat is more sheltered so Babystyle chose not to include it) is the hide away insect/shade net located at the bottom of the footrest! Luckily I was browsing the booklet and came across it or I don’t think I would have noticed it! There is a little zipper pocket on the underside of the footrest which holds the insect/shade net… You simply unzip and take it out and pull it over the front of the buggy, the back is elasticated and it has two poppers which fit to the back of the seat! This really impressed me as it’s one less thing to buy as an extra! The whole thing is also detachable so you could use the pocket to sneakily store some nappies or something if you don’t need the net.

I’ve taken the Oyster Max buggy out twice now and still remain impressed with the overall feel of it! I’ve noticed a couple of MINOR niggles but it could just be me getting used to a new buggy, but I will highlight them anyway… I’ve found the buggy quite weighted at the front, which makes sense if you had a younger child in the top to balance the pram, however for me I’ve found when going up a curb you have to put in quite a lot of effort to get the front two wheels off the ground. As I said I can see exactly why it is difficult so it’s not a major issue but just something to mention. My other minor niggle is that there isn’t a proper footrest “ledge” on the seat. My little one happily nodded off on a walk and I found his leg tended to kind of flop off the side of the rest as there is no where for him to really put his feet, but I just moved his leg back a couple of times and it was fine! However I suppose the lack of footrest means that a much older child can sit in it with ease, so again understandable why they may have left the feature out.

Again handling is fab: the Oyster Max is  lightweight and easy to turn on the spot with one hand. Given that it hasn’t got air tyres like my previous single the ride is surprisingly smooth! I was debating purchasing the air tyres (I am a sucker for them!) that Babystyle offer but don’t think I will as it doesn’t seem to need them!

I took photos of the recline on the second seat of the Oyster Max because I couldn’t quite work out if they’d made it slightly deeper or not! … For my son I feel the recline is deep enough as he will happily sleep sat up and his head doesn’t really tend to loll about. If you were worried about a younger child in it then I’d just stick them in the upper seat which does recline flat or use a head hugger.

I’ve honestly had so many compliments about it too, everyone has said how smart the Oyster Max looks and could barely believe that it turned into a double! I whole heartedly think this is a fabulous double and like I mentioned in my previous review SUCH good value for money bearing in mind its versatility, style and the fact the package includes everything you need bar car seat adapters! Thoroughly recommended!

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