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Babystyle Oyster Max – Final Production Model

These photos are designed to show the slight changes which have been made to the final production model of the Babystyle Oyster Max. The ‘tomato’ red Oyster Max used in most of our photos was a an early sample model. We were invited to contribute feedback on what could be improved etc. and there have been two major changes.

The first is the most dramatic and beneficial to the use of the Oyster Max - the basket has been changed! The basket now extends right to the front of the frame – to the front footrest. This gives an enormous basket in single mode, but it is in tandem mode where the benefits are seen. Our criticism of the old basket was that there was useable space in the basket underneath the lower seat, but there was no access in and out. The front of the basket is now open and leads to a cavernous space underneath both of the seats. This very small change, has suddenly given the Oyster Max space for a changing bag, for raincovers, for coats, shopping and more!!!! Access is never going to be perfect, but having some decent basket space with children, is SO important!

Babystyle haven’t stopped there though!! They have added an elasticated pocket to the front edge of the basket!! HURRAY!!! What a fabulously useful pocket!! Again, a simple touch, but its now easy to put in your keys, phone, purse so that they are all to hand – no fishing around in the basket for them. Or as our photos show, there is ample space for the boot cover, and at least one, if not both raincovers should easily fit in there, and thus should be at hand if necessary. What is good is that things can still slide past this pocket into the basket behind.

Babystyle – we love you!!!!!!!!! FAB FAB FAB changes!!!

A more minor change also involves the basket. We found that the rear of the basket got caught very easily on the rear second seat adaptors. On the model we tried today, we could not get the basket to catch on the second seat adaptors. Thus we believe the rear of the basket has been slightly altered to prevent this happening. It is a small detail, but we fear that our basket will get ripped, and thus it is more good listening on the part of Babystyle to tweak this on the final production model so that it does not happen.

The other modification to the Oyster Max, which we are less chuffed about, is the addition of a flick out sun visor. With such an enormous hood, it seems a little unnecessary, and it spoils the line of the hood. However someone, somewhere clearly wanted a flick out visor, so Babystyle listened to them, and there now is one on the Oyster Max! I think we would have preferred another fold on the lower hood!

We did hope that Babystyle would have made the lower seat recline a little more deeply. Sadly this has not happened, and to us, and to everyone who has seen and used our Oyster Max, the lower seat recline is an issue. The lower seat has an upright and a recline position. However the recline position is only a few degrees – you have to look closely at the photos to see whether the lower seat is upright or reclined. The upper seat of the Max,  however has several reclines from upright to lie flat. We are cautious about the use of the lower Max seat for a young baby. Our two year old did not look particularly comfortable when sleeping in the rear seat. We suggest that the baby goes in the upper seat, parent facing to give a better recline. However this then does compromise on the toddler which may be an issue.

It was really good to see the Babystyle Oyster Max finally on the shop floor and available for parents to buy. We were delighted to have one of the test models to try and we hope that our impressions, photos, information etc. will be useful to parents looking to buy the Oyster Max.

Please note, this is not a full review of the Babystyle Oyster Max – just an update. Please do go and read our full reviews in the Babystyle Oyster Max sections here on Best Buggy if you would like to know more.

The final photo shows the Oyster seat (red) side by side with the Oyster Max seat. The comparison seat measurements are here.

With many thanks to Lorraine, at Nurseryland, Wakefield, for kindly inviting us into her shop to take these updated photos. We appreciated the warm welcome and the opportunity. Thank you very much!

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