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Kiddy City ‘n Move Review by Ren

I was first introduced to the Kiddy City ‘n Move stroller, on one of the many buggy Facebook groups I’m on.

I had just got another 3 wheeler to add to my very long growing list of pushchairs, but was finding it too big for my needs.
My little boy is 2 and a half and spending less and less time in the buggy eeekk. I decided I needed a stroller but had tried many others and didn’t entertain the idea of buying yet another that hurt my back, had a seat that was too small, had a tiny basket etc etc. I started to research the Kiddy City ‘n Move and it looked really good and exactly what I needed. I trawled the Internet and found a local retailer, result!
The first thing I noticed when I had a push around the shop was the lovely comfy handles, the feel and the height is perfect. I’m a shorty at 5″2 and my husband is nearly 6ft and both of us find it easy to push.
Second thing is the hood! It’s the best hood on a stroller hands down! It folds all the way back and comes all the way out and keeps going! There is a toggle that keeps in neatly in place when folded and it also has a flick out sun visor. The third thing is the quality of the fabric and of the frame itself. I have black fabrics and a silver frame, it looks great and will match any liner I choose for it. There are a wide variety of colours available which is another positive I believe. Another thing I love about it is the basket, there are zips either side to make access much easier and to fit even more kids stuff under or shopping!
The most important thing though is how comfortable my little one is when riding in it. He’s not slouched and when he falls asleep he can lay almost flat. The harness keeps him where he should be but isn’t too tight, and he has plenty of growing room!
Over all this is a fantastic stroller that I WILL be keeping to see out my buggy days!! :-)

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