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iCandy Apple 2 Pear at Magna

The new iCandy Apple 2 Pear met all the elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth, on a day trip to the amazing Magna in South Yorkshire.

The iCandy Apple 2 Pear arrived at Best Buggy HQ a few days after our daughter had come out of hospital. This was a special outing and she wanted to come on it. So we needed a double pushchair for her to hop in and out of. We thought that the combined weight of her (aged 4 years 6 months old) and our son (aged 2 years 9 months) would really be a good challenge to see how the Apple 2 Pear handled on an all day outing.

Our son (87.5cms tall, 9th centile), fits well into the Apple 2 Pear seat.

Our daughter is very tall for her age (107cms, 91st centile) and she has size 12 feet! I was interested in where she would put her feet, as there is not much foot space in front of the lower seat. I showed her that she could easily rest her feet on the front of the chassis, but interestingly she preferred to have her feet in the basket.  She said she was comfy at all times and she was happy to hop into the seat whenever she was tired or scared! Magna is very dark and very noisy!

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