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Babystyle Oyster Gem


This photoset shows one of the pre-production Babystyle Oyster Gem pushchairs.

There is a more full explanation of how the Babystyle Oyster Gem works here on Best Buggy.

However the Oyster Gem is in essence a chassis onto which can be put a carrycot or car seat for a newborn until they are 6 months old and then the baby can use a small shaped reversible seat unit until they reach 15kgs. At any point after 6 months old, a ‘hammock’ large seat fabric can be added which gives a large seat for an older toddler.

This photoset shows our 2 year 10 month old (91cms tall, 18th centile) boy first of all in the smaller reversible seat – parent facing. In the middle of this set of photos is our 4 year 8 months old (107cms tall, 91st centile) just to show what a HUGE seat the larger hammock seat is. Note that she has plenty of space for her size 12 feet, and good leg room. The last photos are of our 2 year old in the large hammock seat but we have added the liner from the smaller seat.

The Babystyle Oyster Gem has a very neat fold which is a huge selling point. It will fold with the hammock seat fabric on, or with the smaller seat forward facing (although it does touch at the back when folding).

This is our first set of photos with the Oyster Gem. Please do read our full review and our other Oyster Gem posts, for more detailed information and explanations.

With many thanks to Babystyle and to Nick

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