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Brevi Ovo Twin Review

I have had my Brevi Ovo Twin, since my twins were 6 months old. Before that I had the Jane Twin Two. Which I used the Carrycots. The seat units are forward facing.  I wanted a parent facing pushchair. As I wanted a pushchair I could fit through my front door I choose to have a Tandom, rather than the side by side. I looked at the Bugaboo Donkey. but would of been a very tight squeeze through my front door. Also have very narrow pavements Where I live. So a tandom is ideal. On the Brevi Ovo twin, the seat units can also face each other, which will be nice when my twins are older. They are also forward facing. Thw back wheels are easy to remove so the pushchair, can fit into the boot of my car. It took me a while to get the knack of folding the pushchair. You have to remove the front seat unit, which is very easy. It just fits into my boot. I have an Audi A3. The raincovers just fit around the fastenings, but usually come away. it does the job. they stay dry. It has a very big basket, but with 2 small openings either side.

I have also owned various other pushchairs, my first was a side by side, the handle bars were to low. Plus a nightmare with the narrow pavements. Ive had a Marco Sky. Which is good for a baby and a toddler. But not two Toddlers as the child in the back is very squashed. Also the Cosatto Duo Travel. Which was very lightweight, and folded up very compact. the only thing I didnt like about it was the front hood. It didnt clip in properly and the child at the back could remove it. I also have various other single pushchairs. I have just ordered the Rabo 4 seater pushchair. hopefully arriving next week. As well as having mt twin boys. Im a childminder. Dont know how Im going to manage the pavements with this one.

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