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The iCandy Apple 2 Pear visits Eureka!

The gorgeous iCandy Apple 2 Pear visited Eureka! recently.

The huge basket was soon filled up with all our various bags and lunchbags. There was still room to squeeze in drinks and jackets as they were discarded!

Our first stop was lunch. The picnic area was crowded with families. Although we dont generally like our children eating in pushchairs, in the absence of a highchair, the Apple 2 Pear became an impromptu highchair. It pushed close up to the table at a perfect height for our son to be included in the meal.

With lunch over, off we went around Eureka! exploring the various exhibitions. We said “Hello!” to our friend Jack as we passed, who has his picture on the wall. We have been to Eureka! several times now, but this was our first visit to the new ‘All About Me” exhibition. It was ABSOLUTELY fantastic! The Apple 2 Pear got measured, and scanned, and was even present at the birth of a baby!

By the end of the afternoon our youngest was exhausted and slept comfortably in the Apple 2 Pear. We love the heat scans of our sleeping LO in the Apple 2 Pear! The Apple 2 Pear folded neatly into our car for the journey home.

The Apple 2 Pear was the perfect pushchair for a big outing. There was plenty of room for everything which we needed to take. The seat was comfortable for our little one and offered him a great view. We love the Apple 2 Pear!

With thanks to the fabulous Shabang! who invited us on their outing; to iCandy for the use of their pushchair; and also Clair de Lune for the matching pushchair liner!

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