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Babyzen YoYo 2014 – 0+ and 6+ Month Modes with Children

These photos are of four children who range from just 2 weeks old, to 5 years 4 months old all in the Babyzen YoYo.

The baby girl is 4 weeks old (approx 9lbs).
The baby boy is 2 weeks old (approx 7lbs).
The older boy is 3 years 6 months old (93cms tall).
The older girl is 5 years 4 months old (111cms tall).

The two babies are in the new 0+ newborn nest which parent faces.
The older boy is in the same pushchair chassis, but it has been converted, with the addition of the 6+ fabric and colour pack, into a forward facing seat. The blue YoYo is an older 2012 model which is very well used here at BBHQ.

The information on how the YoYo works, with the two different seats is here on Best Buggy.

Please note the older girl no longer uses a pushchair. However her brother will probably still need a pushchair at her age; thus trying her in the seat, is a useful exercise for us, here at BBHQ. We took a similar photo 14 months ago, which may be useful to refer to.

Just to add, the seats do sit more upright if the child chooses to. Our two were having fun here. The 3 and a half year old regularly naps in the YoYo, and he looks comfortable.

With many thanks to the two Mummies, who kindly allowed us to use their beautiful newborn babies, and to Whitestep for their help.

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