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Kiddy City n Move Review

I bought the Kiddy City ‘n Move hoping to have found something similar to a Maclaren for half the price.

The hood is thick, has a UV protective lining and can be unfolded so that it practically covers most of your childs upper body.

The seat is large both width and lengthways. It has breathable mesh on the seat and along the sides of the seat (great for summer!)

The hood has a deep pocket on the back, and a large peekaboo window too.

The City ‘n Move comes with a bumper bar and cup holder as standard.

The wheels are larger than a Maclaren Quest, and have suspension.

The basket is large, although the cross bar runs through it. It still allows for the raincover and maybe a medium sized bag on top of the cross bar, similar to my previous umbrella folding pushchair.

My son is almost 3 years old, and he looks tiny in this pushchair! My 15 month old looks even smaller, as the seat is so tall!

It’s lovely and spacious, and the build quality is ridiculously good for amount I paid.

I purchased my Kiddy City ‘n Move in the sales for £99.99!

There are liners and footmuffs available too, I have purchased the fur lined Kiddy Mix n Match footmuff, but it won’t be arriving until tomorrow.

The pushchair is quite heavy for its type, but probably no heavier than a MaclarenXT or XLR.

If the weight doesn’t bother you, I would totally recommend it. I honestly can’t find a single bad thing to say about it!

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