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I-Believe – Classic Black

i-Believe Travel System Review

We have had this travel system for just over 3 months now. Our first impressions where very good; we loved the look of it and the frame and parts are very light. It was really nice to find a well-priced and good quality travel system, compared to others we have seen this was good value for money considering what you get.

It is very easy to steer and has got large wheels at the back which means that the baby (and yourself!) don’t feel all the bumps that you can feel in other systems with smaller wheels.  Because it is so light it is easy to lift up over curbs and small sets of stairs (depending on how much shopping you are carrying!) The basket on the frame could be bigger/ deeper as it is often hard to fit much in.  The handle can be adjusted to your preferred height.

The pram, car seat and pushchair attachments connect to the frame all at the same place. To attach these parts, you need two hands and a little practise to get good at lining up the two parts accurately.

A great feature of this travel system is that you can turn the pram, car seat and pushchair attachments around so the child is either facing you or not. The frame folds really easily but you do need to use both hands to do this. The back wheels also come off easily and it can lay pretty much flat in the back of our car boot.

The pram attachment has a hood that will come up to right angles with the pram. This works okay but it would be good if it went a bit further to protect the baby from the sun. It is a very good size and the child can lay completely flat. It would like to see some more pockets for storage on here as I am always looking for somewhere to put things!

The pushchair attachment is pretty standard. It works really well and looks really good. It has a built in hood and you can adjust the position the leg rest is in.  When the baby is sitting in the seat, they can hold onto a bar that goes across their waist. A nice feature.

The car seat attachment has worked really well for us and our baby loves using it! There is an adjustable handle for carrying it and a very secure child seat belt. It took a while to work out how the car seat belt goes around it when you put in the car but this is easy for us to do now. It could do with a better head surround in the car seat so as to as to better support the child’s head.

Overall, this is a very good travel system at a good price and I would definitely recommend it to my friends.


- Light

- Very easy to collapse

- Frame easily assembles itself after being collapsed

- Steers very well

- Large wheels at the back


- Could do with more pockets to put things in

- The basket could be bigger

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