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Ebay Sit Upright Straps for the Baby Jogger Pushchairs

Some years ago; 2011 to be precise; Baby Jogger had the bright idea to add ‘sit upright straps’ to the back of their City Mini pushchairs. These made the hammock seats more upright for an older or nosy child! We were fortunate enough to have these ‘sit upright straps’ on our double City Mini.

However, Baby Jogger only added them to 2011 pushchairs, and then stopped manufacture of them.

We often heard people saying that they wished that their Baby Jogger hammock style seats sat more upright. Someone has considered this request, and has produced their own “Sit-Up Straps” which make the hammock style seats of the City Mini, City Mini GT, Elite and we think also the Summit, more upright.

These photos are of these straps added onto our Baby Jogger City Mini GT.
The first and third photos do not have the straps done up. The second, fourth and fifth photos have the ‘Sit-Up Straps’ done up at the back. In the last photo, we have tucked the mesh behind the seat, and the seat actually is sat in front of the rim of the hood. However, as the fourth photo shows, there is no need to do this. Note the difference in the child’s posture in photo 3 to photo 5.

The ‘Sit-Up Straps’ come as a pair. One is attached on one side of the chassis, and one is attached to the other side of the chassis. There is a D ring, and it is simple to loop the strap around the frame and through the D Ring. The lower the straps are positioned, the more upright the seat will be.
The seat then needs pushing forwards, whilst pulling each end of the ‘Sit-Up Straps’ tight. There are 2 poppers on each strap, and these fasten simply together.
The seat is then much more upright for the child.
If the child falls asleep, then it is very quick to undo the poppers (the straps stay attached at the sides) and then recline the seat in the usual way using the toggle recline.

These straps fit both the single, and the double Baby Jogger pushchairs with hammock style seats. The double pushchairs require two sets of straps – one for each seat.

The ‘Sit-Up Straps’ are being sold on Ebay by Big Mama’s Baby Trading for £4.99 a pair.

PLEASE NOTE that these are an add on to a pushchair, thus by using them you change the integrity of the pushchair. The pushchair will no longer be as was safety tested. Please make your own decision whether to use ‘Sit Up Straps’ and do so at your own risk.

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