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Baby Jogger City Mini GT in Legoland, Windsor

Legoland, Windsor was the perfect place to take our 3 and 5 year old for a few days of fun and adventure. After much agonising, we decided that the perfect pushchair for our days out was our Baby Jogger City Mini GT. It proved to be the right choice as we loaded it up with Hamster Bags, Skip Hop Saddle Bag, Baby Jogger console, a Buggy Basket, Bugaboo Pods and more! With rain threatening, we needed plenty of waterpoofs and dry clothes!

Our Baby Jogger City Mini GT was also sporting our new ‘Sit-Up Straps’ which made the seat more upright for our youngest. We also had finally removed the winter footmuff, and our GT was sporting a beautiful ‘London’s Calling’ Betty Bramble seat liner.

We had an amazing time in Legoland. The GT was the perfect pushchair to take. It managed the different terrains with ease. It was always easy to push, and the adjustable handlebar meant that it was comfortable for whoever was pushing it. Even when it rained so hard that even the ducks came to see us, the Baby Jogger raincover kept our sleeping little one snug and dry. Unfortunately, we have the old style Baby Jogger raincover which does not have the opening for the handbrake, which did get a little frustrating. We also fell out with the new style 2014 harnesses several times over, and had to rescue the harness pads from the floor more than once. However, we think we have a solution to this, and we will not let a small detail dampen our enthusiasm for such a fab pushchair.

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT was perfect to slide into a packed car boot. We removed the wheels to create a more compact package in the car.

This Baby Jogger City Mini GT pushchair is one of our personal collection of pushchairs here at Best Buggy HQ. We can not emphasize enough how good this pushchair is. It really is brilliant and a great all round pushchair.



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