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iCandy Apple 2 Pear Review by Katherine

The iCandy Apple 2 Pear is a great-looking, versatile pushchair with a lot of add-on options for a changing and growing family. My children are 15 months and 3.5, so it was used mainly in single mode, but I loved how quick and simple it was to add on the second seat if we needed it!

I have a lot of good things to say about the Apple 2 Pear. My first impression was great – this is a smart-looking pushchair which looks and feels solid and of a high quality. I loved the black/silver colour way with the contrasting blue hoods. It feels surprisingly light to push, even loaded up with 2 kids and plenty of shopping, and I had no trouble pushing one-handed so I could hold on to my 3-year-old, which is a must for me.

The size was a bit of a shock for me, as I am used to much smaller buggies, and initially I was concerned that the size would be a problem. I had nightmares about getting wedged in narrow doorways or getting stuck going up and down kerbs, but my fears turned out to be unfounded, and I had no trouble at all! I was surprised by how compact the Apple 2 Pear actually is in use – especially for a double.

The downsides for me were also related to size. I drive a Ford KA, and there was absolutely no chance I’d get the Apple2Pear in there in, although it does fold down very flat, and fits happily in the boots of my husband’s S Max, with loads of room to spare. I also found it quite difficult to unfold the chassis – it was definitely doable, but as I’m quite short, I felt like I didn’t quite have enough room to flick it out from the folded position without having my arms uncomfortably high, and the position of the front bar in the folded position meant that I scratched it on the floor once or twice, and over time I think this would probably damage the finish.

Despite its larger size, I found the seat units to be strangely small. My youngest is only 15 months old, and small for his age, but I felt like he was almost already too long for the seat. My pretty average sized 3-year-old was much too long for the seats, although in fairness I wouldn’t have expected her to fit. She was comfortable enough for short journeys, which at her age is all I really needed, but she definitely would not have been able to stay in there for a long time, or take a nap in there, and the hood wouldn’t even nearly fit over her head.

Overall I was impressed with the iCandy Apple 2 Pear. I feel like the pros definitely outweigh the cons, and would recommend it – especially people with 2 younger babies and an average to large sized car!

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