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Babystyle Oyster Max Review – Submitted to Best Buggy

I bought this tandem pushchair to replace a side-by-side buggy that my 3 year old had grown out of but I still desperately needed a buggy that suited a toddler and her younger sister. I bought it on the advice of this website which was fantastic. It is a great pushchair, really light and easy to fold and lift and dismantle to go in the boot of the car. The seats are wide and feel comfy and I have very few grumbles from my two. I really recommend it as an option for those who want a double but not a side-by-side, and also when I have only one of the girls with me it works brilliantly as a single buggy.

On the down-side there is some weakness in the front wheel axles, we have had to replace one of the wheels which buckled going down a curb. And the rear seat doesn’t recline very much but it hasn’t bothered my now 18 month old at all who loves sleeping in it if we are out.

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