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Babystyle Oyster Max 2015 With New Lie Flat Tandem Lower Seat

Here is the first sneak preview peek at the new Babystyle Oyster Max 2015.

There is a new lie flat lower Oyster Max tandem seat coming out in 2015. The lower tandem seat will also have a larger extendable hood to give the lower child better protection from the elements.

These much needed changes should make the Oyster Max absolutely perfect for two children – whether siblings or twins – from any age.

We also like the new colour palette for 2015 with Jade and Humbug amongst the colour pack options.

Well done Babystyle for listening to feedback from your customers and doing something about it.
We are excited to see the new 2015 Oyster Max. We look forward to seeing what a difference the new tandem seat makes to the pushchair.

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