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The Egg Stroller – Exclusive First Look Photos

Best Buggy were given permission to take the exclusive first photos of the Egg Stroller when we first saw it in London.

Our detailed First Impressions Review is here which will tell you all the details about the Egg Stroller, and how it works both as a single pushchair, and as a tandem pushchair for two children.

It is important to note, that these photos are of the prototypes – they are pre production models, and we know that there were various details which were still going to be changed or added to. We know for example that the zips on the carrycot hoods are being altered, that clips are being added to hold the harness open, and the fabric inside the Egg Evo-lunafix is now black.

The Egg Stroller is a luxurious pushchair which has a reversible seat which is suitable from 6 months old. The carrycot can be used from birth, or the special Egg / Kiddy Evolunafix car seat can also be used lie flat or inclined from birth both on the pushchair chassis, and in the car. The Egg will take other car seats too including Maxi Cosi and Be Safe.

The Egg Stroller can be converted into a tandem pushchair for two children – siblings or twins – by adding the tandem adaptor and an additional seat, carrycot or car seat. The combinations are detailed in the First Impressions Review.

The Egg Stroller launches on Easter Sunday.

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