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ABC Design and O’Baby Pushchairs at the Harrogate Nursery Fair

The excitement levels were sky high as we approached the ABC Design / O’Baby stand at the Harrogate Nursery Fair, and we spotted one of our all time favourite pushchairs has been reincarnated for 2015 by ABC!

The Take Off originally shot to fame on The Apprentice TV programme back in 2009. It was absolutely perfect for our lifestyle and our car, and we loved it. The fold on the Take Off is incredibly neat, and it is very easy to open.
The ABC Design Take Off appears on two white blocks in our photos. The open Take Off is in red, and the folded Take Off is in lime green next to the red one.
Unfortunately, we had to sell our Take Off because Little Miss BB, who was under a year old at the time, decided it was great fun to stick her legs out of each side of the pushchair. Thus everytime we went into a shop, she sent things flying off shelves with her feet. However, we enjoyed the Take Off very much, and we would absolutely have another!  Here are our photos of what used to be the Leebruss Take Off.

The ABC Design Take Off can now take an infant car seat or even a carrycot, which makes it very versatile for a family with a small car or who travel a lot.

We were also pleased to see that the tandem pushchair, the Zoom has had a modern make over too. We loved the new bright zingy colours which can be mixed and matched to create a splash of colour or something more classic if preferred.

There were a selection of buggies on display, however we ran out of time to discuss all the new colourways and designs. However, the photos should give you a flavour of what new designs are coming from both ABC Designs and O’Baby for 2015.

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