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Babystyle Oyster 2; Oyster Max and Oyster Switch at the Harrogate Nursery Fair 2016

There are beautiful new colours and slightly textured classic fabrics for the Babystyle Oyster 2 and Oyster Max in 2016.
Don’t tell Babystyle, but these fabrics really are a big improvement on the old fabrics – they look more classy and stylish, and we really love them. The colours are gorgeous – the deep green, the teal, the dark blue, pink etc. There are also now tan and black stitched leatherette handle and bumper bars across the Oyster range.
We are officially in love, and want one of each ;)
Read more about the 5 Best Buggy gold star winning Oyster 2 here.

The new Oyster City Bronze was on display too. This special edition of the Oyster 2, is being sold by independent retailers. It has a bronzed chassis and cream fabrics.

The rear wheels on the Oyster Max have been enclosed in tandem mode to protect little fingers, and it was good to see the lie flat lower seat again. Find out more about the Oyster Max here.

We grinned when we saw the new crystal raincover from Babystyle. This red raincover (we understand there will be different colours) has been owned by us at Best Buggy HQ for many years. Our version has a face on to look like a car though. We were really pleased to see it.

The Oyster Switch is a great option for any parent looking for an umbrella fold type of pushchair but which parent faces. There is very little choice on the market, and this reversible seat stroller really works well. The seat unit simply detaches from the chassis, and can be turned around and connected again so that the seat faces the opposite way. The Oyster Switch will fold with the seat facing in either direction, into a very neat fold which freestands. Read more about the Oyster Switch here.

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