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Egg at the Harrogate Nursery Fair 2016

There were surprises in the Egg room at the Harrogate Nursery Fair this year.
There were some stunning new colours, snakeskin textured fabrics and also a hood lined with a contrasting patterned fabric. The names of the colours have not been finalised yet, but some ideas are Prosecco; Regal Navy, Reptile Black and Reptile Cream. Berry Red and Arctic White are going to be discontinued.

The tan leather changing bag was gorgeous. I think I may be investing in one of those because it really doesn’t look like a changing bag, but a quality handbag!

There is one small detail to note. Following feedback, there is now a footrest on the egg. This is a really positive move, especially for those with bigger children. They have retained the useful storage pocket behind too.

The Egg stroller retails at £699.00 with the carrycot at £179. The Egg can also be a tandem with the addition of a second seat. This tandem seat costs an additional £169 and the tandem adaptors are £39. The two seat units are the same size.

The Egg stroller really is a beautiful, top quality, stylish pushchair – one of the very best on the market. Read our full review here.

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