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iCandy World – The Event 2016

Today has been another amazing theatrical production from iCandy World!
The day was split into two halves – the afternoon was about products and iCandy. The evening was a wonderful, magical party.

Daytime surprises

The afternoon began with drinks and presentations from the iCandy team. They showed us where they draw their ideas for design from, and how they are producing their marketing lifestyle images in a more magazine editorial style. The team have travelled the length and breadth of the UK to bring us some stunning images. We heard how a Peach has broken the world record for the furthest a pushchair has travelled – it did a huge 1500km with a load of 25kg on a test track rolling road (with lumps and bumps on).

We have been introduced to the latest addition to the iCandy Designer Collection Midnight Edition. This gorgeous iCandy Peach has a glossy metallic looking midnight blue chassis; midnight blue joints and midnight blue fabrics. These are contrasted with accents of rose gold – rose gold magnets, rose gold wheel springs, rose gold basket press studs and rose gold magnetic studs on the footmuff. When the handlebar is extended, more rose gold is revealed and really is the icing on the cake. The carrycot is also midnight blue with a midnight blue gloss chassis. The basket is made from the same fabric as the pushchair, and there is a triangular shaped mesh peekaboo window in the middle of the hood. There is also a chunky rose gold zip on the rear of the seat which hides a useful pocket for a mobile phone. The iCandy name is lasered onto the arms of the Peach but horizontal, not down the arms as on a typical Peach. This very special Peach pushchair is finished with a rose gold plaque on the rear of the seat marking this out as one of the Design Collection.
It is absolutely stunning!
Our photos of the Designer Collection Midnight Edition Peach can be found here.

The iCandy Designer Collection Midnight Edition Peach stroller is due out at the end of June 2016 and will cost £1050.

We have also been introduced to the new iCandy Strawberry Style Collection: the Cambridge, the Tudor and the Soho. This sophisticated range of special edition Strawberries have reversible fabrics hoods, liners and footmuffs.
Our photos from The Event are here on our Strawberry Style collection Page

The classic Cambridge Style Collection Strawberry has olive green fabrics on one side and a fawn coloured, grained, lightly quilted fabric on the other.

The Tudor Style Collection Strawberry has a country feel with a biscuit coloured fabric with a slight herringbone weave to it. The reverse has a midnight blue fabric with a waterproof feel – it reminds us of a square textured waterproof fabric which may sound strange, but it looked very smart!

The Soho Style Collection Strawberry was the one for the city! This has a shiny mid silver grey fabric on one side with a mid grey textured melange type fabric on the reverse.

The hoods cleverly reverse – we did have a go at doing this and it was easy to do. The rims of the hoods are fabric covered. The liners, zip top of section of the footmuff, carrycot apron and the harness pads also all reverse. The seat and carrycot bases are black.

We don’t know the official way to describe these colours, and bear in mind the lighting was not very good.

The iCandy Strawberry Style Collection are available from October 2016 and will cost £730 each.

The iCandy Raspberry had new risers which can be fitted to lift the seat nearer to the parent when parent facing, or will lift the child higher for a better view when forward facing. There are photos of these Risers here.

The iCandy parasols have had a makeover. They are a new elongated design on one side in order to reach further over the seat area. There is a new moveable joint at the top of the parasol to facilitate perfect and easy positioning. How many times have you got hold of a parasol and tried to pull it into the correct position? This should make a parasol much more user friendly. They are UV protective and waterproof.

There were beautiful colours for the iCandy MiChair – a burgundy red, mid grey, teal blue and dark green. The iCandy MiChair is due in shops in August.

There were new matching changing bags. These are a similar size to the old Cherry changing bags and are in two colours – royal blue and grey to match the Royal Blue and Truffle Peach pushchairs. There is a zipped top into a large compartment. There was a pull cord pocket for a bottle on one end. There was a shoulder strap for easy carrying.

Even the iCandy MiPeach hasn’t been forgotten! It has a new dinky child sized blanket and mini changing bag! Really cute accessories for your child’s pram.

The Magic of the Night

The evening had quite a different theme, and was absolutely magical with a mythical theme. I will be honest and say I was shocked to be greeted at the door by a mythical beast and a beautiful forest goddess. The body make up was out of this world! Behind them was a long star studded tunnel with smoke to add to the mystery. This opened out into the main hall where everyone was gathered in their finery to party. There were mythical creatures and people everywhere. The couple on black were absolutely mesmerising. Hats off to them because their silent acting was superb! There was even a half naked mythical man on the bar! There were people doing face painting; balloon modelling; and reading tarot cards. At one side was a make-your-own cocktail bar!

In the centre of the room were tables which were surrounded by perspex chairs which shone in the light. Each table had a fabulous large table decoration of candles and greenery. As we approached, smoke poured out of the centre onto the table which was so awesome!

In front of the stage was a semi-circle of pushchairs. These were all unique iCandy pushchairs – mainly Peaches, but with the odd Apple2Pear and All Terrain. There was a baby pink peach; a baby blue one; a grey peach with pink piping; a pumpkin and a tangerine Peach and an all black Apple 2 Pear. These were auctioned off for the Great Ormond Street charity which iCandy have chosen to support after the amazing care that they received when the first of the 5th generation of the iCandy family was being treated at Great Ormond Street. Sadly little Hettie died a few weeks after birth. iCandy want to give something back and help the hospital charity. We were shown a film about Great Ormond Street and we were told about the work that they do. We also heard that iCandy are working on making it possible to put an oxygen cylinder under their pushchair. A silent auction was also held for some amazing prizes.

The evening ended with dancing on the starry dance floor, and with a very stylish mythical / forest themed photo ‘booth’.

Another amazing, awesome, and completely magical day from the wonderful people at iCandy.
Thank you very much for inviting us to your fantastic event.

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