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Disney by Easywalker Buggies at Kind & Jugend 2016

Yesterday we reported on the unveiling of the brand new Disney by Easywalker Buggies. This is a 3 year agreement between Disney and Easywalker so we are looking forward to seeing what gets produced each year of the contract.

The first four designs for 2017 all feature Mickey Mouse. See our post yesterday for full details of these. We now have real life images to share from the Kind & Jugend Show. There is a photo above of each of the four different Easywalker buggy designs: In order from left to right are: Disney by Easywalker Mickey Micro; Disney by Easywalker Mickey Original; Disney by Easywalker Mickey Ornament and finally on the second row is the Disney by Easywalker Mickey Diamond.

The buggies are very classic Easywalker design, similar to those we saw with the MINI Buggy. There is a lift up calf rest; leatherette handlebars; a storage basket; padded seats and a carrying handle and shoulder strap. There are reviews of the Easywalker MINI Buggy and the Easywalker MINI Buggy XL here on Best Buggy if you would like a flavour of what these buggies will be like to use and the high quality finish.

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