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EXCLUSIVE: The NEW iCandy Orange – Single to Tandem Pushchair!

Best Buggy are incredibly proud to be able to share with you a this first impressions review of the NEW iCandy Orange tandem pushchair.

Why are we proud? A single to tandem pushchair has been our dream for many years. Best Buggy were given the chance to give their feedback during the development of what we believe will be the perfect single to tandem pushchair. We have been extremely privileged to see the iCandy Orange transform across the last year, into the awesome pushchair that has been revealed at Cologne today. Unfortunately no photos have been released ahead of the official launch next year, but are delighted to be able to write about our first impressions of this fantastic stroller.

The iCandy Orange is a stunning single pushchair with sleek lines and an extremely modern look and feel. We LOVE the modern footboard and the beautiful grey gloss chassis. The iCandy Orange boasts a leatherette handlebar and for the first time on an iCandy pushchair, there is a swing away bumper bar! Awesome stuff iCandy! The bumper bar is also leatherette, and can be totally removed if desired.

The seat is large – it is the largest seat of any iCandy pushchair. There is an adjustable 5 point harness with the new style round buckle to keep little ones safe. The removable sun canopy is HUGE! It extends right down to the bumper bar to give excellent sun protection for a child. The hood has a visor, and also the rear opens up to reveal mesh for ventilation. The canopy colours are Flame (orange), Pop (pink), Mercury (grey), Noir (black), Topaz (blue), Spring (green) and Autumn (brown).
The seat turns into the footrest at the bottom. The footrest can be turned inside out to offer support for sleepy legs. There will be extra optional matching liners and footmuffs available.

The handlebar is telescopic and extends from a low position to an extremely high position – way too high for us! There is no chance of anyone kicking the rear of this this pushchair as they walk! The footbrake has been perfectly positioned to one side to make it easy to find in all configurations, and the wheels have TPU tyres and good suspension to give a great ride with no worries about punctures.

HOWEVER, the iCandy Orange is not just a fantastic single pushchair, but it is also a tandem with over 30 different configurations and options!!! There are so many possibilities that we have not yet had the opportunity to play with them all. However, we especially requested that two particular configurations were included: these were firstly to have BOTH children visible when parent facing in the seat units; and secondly, to have a parent facing carrycot at the rear, when in tandem mode. These are the two configurations that we see parents asking for on forums all the time. Twin mummies in particular love to see both their children, and to be able to speak to both. Sibling parents like to be able to see their newborn in their carrycot, whilst their eldest enjoys the ride. We have always wanted parents to be able to see both their children if they wished – iCandy have made this happen!

We can not stress how awesome iCandy and their design team have been. They truly are a company who listen to what parents need. They don’t simply produce the ‘easy’ option, but they have worked incredibly hard to ensure that the iCandy Orange is the best that it possibly can be, and can meet the needs of modern parents.

The iCandy Orange comes with a number of tandem convertors, adaptors and risers. First of all there are the main convertors which wrap around the frame at the front and the back in a similar way to those on the Peach 3. These can be left in situ when folding. You also get straight elevator (riser) pieces. These rather handily nest together for storage, so that parts won’t easily get separated. These straight riser adaptors can be added to the tandem convertors to lift the seats into the correct positions and height to suit your needs. These straight pieces make all sorts of amazing configurations possible! There are seat units (identical); carrycots; and infant carrier options. The Orange will come with two frames – one for a carrycot and one for the seat unit. These can have the fabrics removed and then additional fabrics can be bought for twins or two older toddlers. iCandy have made a particular point to ensure that two lie flat infant carriers will fit on the chassis including the Cybex Cloud Q and the Kiddy Evolunafix / Evo-luna i-Size. We are very pleased that the health of infants in car seats is being considered. We will have to wait to see exactly what seating positions iCandy reveal as having been safety tested, but they have told us that there are over 30 possibilities!

It is difficult to miss the absolutely HUGE 64 litre storage basket underneath the Orange seat(s). This basket is accessible, even when the pushchair is in tandem mode. So it will be easy to take two children to do a weekly shop, and to bring it all home. For us, having a big basket under any pushchair is a huge tick on the Best Buggy wish list, but to have a big AND accessible basket is extremely difficult to find on a tandem.

However, the new iCandy Orange has a hidden secret! It is not simply a single pushchair; nor is it simply a superb tandem pushchair:

The iCandy Orange has a built in ride-on board for an older child, which allows them to stand and ride on the rear of the frame !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The rear moulding at the back of the iCandy Orange, has been specifically made and safety tested to carry the weight of a child as well as their seated sibling. This absolutely ingenious invention made our jaw drop when we first saw it. It is a perfect solution to allow a pushchair to totally grow with your family.
It is no secret that generally speaking we don’t like stroller boards behind pushchairs. There are some boards which work brilliantly, but there are far more that don’t work well. We hate tripping over the back of them, or how they dangle when you fold the pushchair. So to have a built in board specifically engineered for this pushchair is absolute genius. There is SO MUCH room between the handlebar and the board, that even a parent with a long stride will have plenty of space to walk behind. Seriously awesome stuff!

Thanks to the iCandy team, we were given the opportunity to truly test the upper limits of the iCandy Orange. With 6year old Master BB in a parent facing seat; and nearly 8 year old, Little Miss BB on the built in standing board, we pushed the two of them around the inner sanctum at iCandy HQ, with complete ease. The front adaptors are well placed behind the front wheels to enable good leverage up kerbs. Extending the handlebar, makes this even easier. Our mini test, fully loaded, makes us feel very confident, that the iCandy Orange is a pushchair that will handle well.

The iCandy Orange is an absolutely beautiful looking pushchair. The sleek lines of the glossy graphite frame, sit perfectly either side of the huge basket, with the matching front and rear mouldings giving perfect symmetry. The graphite grey seat units are perfectly formed, and the fabrics are good quality. It is worth taking time simply to admire this simplicity, quality and workmanship before getting excited at all the other possibilities. Once you have done this, and you start to look at all the various configurations, then the iCandy Orange gets truly exciting. We are absolutely itching to get our hands back on an Orange stroller, and to have a really good play with all the variants. We want to see what works, and what our favourite configurations will be. However, to have two children parent facing and to be able to see BOTH of them at once, on a top quality pushchair, is something special. It is the nirvana that we have been searching for for years. As for the built in board, this is simply the cherry on the top of a beautifully iced cream cake……it is the thing that makes the iCandy Orange, the complete package. This truly is a single pushchair which will grow with your child, and with your family through every stage as it grows and changes. The ride-on board is the stepping stone that is missing for so many children between riding full time in a buggy, to being a fully walking, independent toddler, and we are delighted one has been built in, ready to use.

Absolutely fantastic! We hope you think so too.

The prices are very reasonable for a high quality tandem pushchair. The Orange comes as a package which includes the chassis; the carrycot on its own frame; a seat unit on its own frame; 2 sun canopies; 1 seat liner; a carrycot apron, liner and mattress; height elevators (risers); car seat adaptors and 2 raincovers, all for £830.
If additional fabrics are required e.g. for twins, then the second seat fabric is £100; the second carrycot fabric is £125. Additional sun canopies are £60 each.
The iCandy Orange is due in the UK in Spring 2017.

Thank you very much to iCandy World for including us and for sharing your newest pushchair with us.

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