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Mee-Go Glide 2 Review by Best Buggy

We first saw the Mee-Go Glide a couple of years ago. Since then, the Glide has been improved and enhanced, and the result is the Glide 2. We are reviewing the Grey Special Edition version, which has a beautiful black gloss frame and stylish grey textured fabrics.

First Impressions

The first impression is of the large quantity amount of items included in the Glide package. There is the pushchair with a seat unit; the carrycot; a car seat with detachable hood; a beautiful thick footmuff; and a smart quilted changing bag with mat and bottle bag. There is everything you require for a baby from birth to walking, all in one package. Our full Mee-Go Glide 2 photo set can be seen here.

The styling is fantastic – the good quality grey textured fabrics are very on trend; and we love the black gloss frame and leatherette handlebar. There are some excellent details – the shaped harness pads and the way they spell Mee-Go; the little heart metal Mee-Go tags; the zip tags; and the thickness of the footmuff, which will keep any child snuggly and warm in winter. The chassis feels compact, and the fold and opening mechanism is one of the smoothest and fastest that we have ever seen! The system is very light, which has been great for lifting in and out of the car, and carrying in and out of the house. The Glide 2 really has been a pleasure to use.

Child Comfort, Harness and Bumper Bar

The Glide 2 seat is a reversible seat and is suitable from 6 months of age. The seat is well padded and feels spacious. There are 3 recline positions including upright and a reclined sleeping position. The recline is done very easily using a lift handle on the rear of the seat.
There is a 5 point harness. The actual harness and buckle is one we have seen on a number of other pushchairs and we are not fans of it. There are pointed edges on it, however, Mee-Go have cleverly placed the buckle inside a pad which opens and closes using a velcro tab. This ensures the comfort of the child, and also prevents little fingers playing with it. The shoulder straps clip onto the buckle and have brilliant curved harness pads.
There are just two shoulder height settings – we would like to see another setting to ensure the harness is correctly adjusted for every age, especially considering that this pushchair has been safety certified to carry a baby from 6 months of age up to an enormous child weight capacity of 25kg!
There is an adjustable footrest on the seat unit with plenty of depth for small feet. For an older child, the footrest can be moved out of the way, so that feet can rest comfortably on the chassis footrest.
The Glide 2 comes with a bumper bar. This rotates up between two positions. The bumper bar swings away to allow a child to clamber in and out. The bumper bar can also be removed although it does leave two obvious holes. Some blanking plates would be good to cover these.

Hood, Raincover and Storage

The Glide has a large hood with peekaboo window. Inside the hood is stored a large UV reflective silver sun visor which can be pulled out to offer additional shade on sunny days. The visor can also be unzipped if not required. A raincover comes with the pushchair.

There is a pocket on the rear of the seat with a flap to fasten it. This is perfect for keys, a phone or a camera. There is also a zipped pocket at the top of the seat into which slim items can be placed. There is a large easily accessible basket with a large opening. It is absolutely perfect to fit a large changing bag in, or to throw in bags of shopping.

Handlebars, Handling, Wheels and Brake

The handlebar is a fixed height, however, it is a perfect height for me at 5ft 6ins. It is not too low. Mee-Go have been innovative with the handlebar: they provide on trend, zip-on leatherette covers so that you can choose whether to have your handlebar with leatherette effect, or to use the firm foam underneath. It is great to have the choice. The only downsides are that if you prefer to have a leatherette handle, then it doesn’t look quite as taut as if it were hand stitched on, and you may not like the feel of the zip underneath. The Mee-Go zipper tags are worth noting here as they are an interesting detail.

The handling of the pushchair is excellent. It is nippy and easy to manoeuvre and steer. We have had no problems with kerbs. It is a pleasure to use. So much so, that the parents of our baby tester have commented how much nicer it is than their iCandy Peach, and are thinking of swapping it now for a Glide 2.

The wheels are PU non puncture quick release wheels and there is good all round suspension and bearings. The wheels have some give in them to give a comfortable push. Our testers commented on how smooth the Glide was to push, and how comfortable it felt for the adult. Their baby slept brilliantly on every outing!

There is a large footbrake situated in the centre of the rear axle. This is easy to press on and off.

The chassis has been made to contract and expand with hot and cold weathers to ensure maximum durability, and has been tested to not crack in temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius. We were warned that there is sometimes a bit of a creak on a new-from-box Glide 2 pushchair. This noise disappears with use. Mee-Go give you a 2 year warranty on the chassis, so if there are any niggles, they can be easily sorted out. Our chassis is fine.


The carrycot is large and spacious. Here are more small details which we love. Once again there is a little metal heart shaped ‘Mee-Go’ tag on the carrycot apron along with curved lines of stitching. There is a quality zip around the apron to ensure a smooth open and closure. The carrycot base and the hood are both beautifully lined with striped fabric. The hood, like the pushchair seat has a flick out UV visor for summer sunshine, or can be removed and stored for winter. There is also a mesh peekaboo window for ventilation in summer, and so that the baby can see the world.
The carrycot arrives flat. It is easy to pull the base up into position so that the sides are rigid. There is a thick ventilated mattress provided which is also covered in the matching striped fabric. On the base of the carrycot are three features. First of all there are two built in adaptors. These need to be pulled into an open position for attachment onto the chassis. It is good to not have to be looking around for adapators, although you need to remember to unfold these, and close them up again before placing the carrycot on the floor. The second feature is a large metal brace bar. This does not need to be used, but can give additional support to make the carrycot sturdy when on bumpy roads. The bar simply folds open and clips onto the chassis at the rear. The carrycot also has feet so that the carrycot can be easily placed onto the floor. The carrycot is suitable for occasional overnight sleeping which is handy for the odd night away.

The carrycot has a one handed release from the chassis. On each side of the chassis, under the carrycot is a small button. These are memory buttons. Press the buttons in, and then lift the carrycot clear from the chassis, using the handle situated in the top of the hood.

Travel System

A Group 0+ Mee-Go infant carrier is included in the price. The people behind Mee-Go are constantly improving their car seats with amazing technology and details and it is fascinating to hear. Mee-Go use the same car seat across their range to ensure all babies get the best seat. The result is a comfortable car seat with a newborn insert and quilted fabrics. There are harness pads on the one hand adjust 3 point harness. There is a pop-on detachable hood for the seat which is unusually a thick padded hood which attaches on at the sides and the rear. We personally prefer a more integrated hood which fits neatly down each side. However, the style matches perfectly with the padded car seat apron which is included in the package. The apron fits by tucking it down the side of the blue seat belt guides. It is a little fiddly to do, however, it does stay on nicely.
Car seat adaptors are also included. These fit onto the chassis quickly and easily. It took us a few minutes to locate the tiny red button tucked away near the handlebar, to release the car seat from the chassis. Once spotted it is simply to release and lift the car seat clear.
Finally, a raincover is included for the car seat too!


The Mee-Go Glide 2 comes with several accessories. As mentioned the raincovers and car seat adaptors are included. A seat liner, footmuff and changing bag are also included. The footmuff is one of the warmest, thickest footmuffs we have seen. Very surprising to find such a fantastic footmuff with a package deal like this. Simply beautiful! There is a front zip to the footmuff which allows it to be fully opened for easy access. Our baby tester slept better in the footmuff than anywhere else, so the Glide got lots of walks.

The changing bag is gorgeous. The grey textured fabric is quilted with the Mee-go heart on the front. The front flap closes with a magnetic fastening which is a nice touch. Inside is a large zipped compartment with a pockets inside. The changing bag comes with a towelling changing mat and a bottle holder with a toggle fastener. The changing bag has a shoulder strap with press studs at the bottom on each side. These are to fix the changing bag onto the handlebar. The remainder of the shoulder strap can then be neatly popped into a large rear pocket of the changing bag, so that it does not dangle.


The Mee-Go Glide 2 fold is one of the best features of this pushchair. It is so smooth and fast. To fold the Glide 2, simply press in the large button on the handlebar; and then there is a trigger on the inside of two handholds about half way down the pushchair. Press this in, and pull, and the chassis very simply and quickly slides together into a freestanding stable fold which is locked into position. The fold is so beautiful that you just want to keep doing it!
It is possible to fold the Glide 2 with the seat in situ when it is left on forward facing, which is very handy.
To unfold the Glide 2 simply hold the handle, and then undo the fold lock on the side of the pushchair and the Glide 2 is on its wheels in no time at all. It is an extremely quick unfold action! On the side of the pushchair are red and green indicators to confirm if the chassis is locked and ok to use.
Our only concern with this pushchair is the black gloss frame. We have been extremely careful where we have placed it down, and we do not know how easily it will scratch.
The pushchair is very light to lift and carry which has made the Glide 2 a pleasure to use.

In Conclusion

The Mee-Go Glide looks very stylish and is an extremely lovely pushchair to use. It is so simple to fold and unfold, and freestands when folded. It is easy to push and steer. The seat is large and practical, although it needs more adjustability of the harness height. The carrycot is a generous size and comfortable. There is plenty of storage and the addition of the changing bag makes day trips easy. The footmuff is gorgeous, and the liner, car seat, car seat apron and aprons are all included too.
With a price tag of just £599 the entire Glide 2 package is excellent value for the premium quality of the components, and the attention to detail. The Glide 2 is an excellent mid range pushchair, with everything you could possibly need and more, but with no compromise on quality, style and push. Everything seems to have been considered, and then more!! Superb. We are going to give the Mee-Go Glide 2 a Best Buggy 5 star rating because it is difficult to find anything significant to fault! An excellent all round travel system package. Highly recommended!

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